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Home | Film Review: Time Crimes (LOS CRONOCRIMENES) (2007)

Film Review: Time Crimes (LOS CRONOCRIMENES) (2007)


Hector is an ordinary man who’s moving to a new house with his wife. One evening, while he’s looking through his binoculars, he sees a naked girl in the woods. He decides to go there just to find that same girl laying on a rock. Suddenly, a man with a pink bandage covering his face, stabs Hector in his arm with scissors. Then a chase starts, leading Hector to a time machine that brings him back nearly an hour in the past. The man in charge of the time machine explains to Hector (Hector 2) that he must not interfere with the other Hector (Hector 1) so he can go into the time machine again. Things complicate, and Hector 2 is hit by a car, injuring his face. To stop the bleeding, he covers his face with a bandage that turns into pink because of the blood. Then Hector 2 realizes he has to stab Hector 1 and chase him to the time machine in order to make things right.


Screenwriter(s) : Nacho Vigalondo
Directed By: Nacho Vigalondo
Cast: Nacho Vigalondo, Barbara Goenaga, Karra Elejalde
Producers: Eduardo Carneros, Esteban Ibarretxe, Javier Ibarretxe, Santi Camunas, Jorge Gomez, Jordi Rediuc, Norbert Llaras
Director of Photography: Flavio M. Labiano
Editor: Jose Luis Romeu
Music: Chucky Namanera

Time travel films have always fascinated me, I’ve seen the majority of them but still the element of what could of, will have, should have is very much a part of our intuitive sense of questioning. In our latest film from the Magnet six-shooter series we are presented yet another unique scenario with horror overtones. The horror is subtle, so I prefer to call this more of a psychological thriller. Time Crimes delves into the issues of time travel but on a simpler level than other such films of its kind. Of course the idea itself can run deep with alternative outcomes and mixed time travel, though our story tries to stay focused on just the simple idea of Hector and his current situation. We are not overcomplicated with places and people that could alter the courses drastically. Instead this film is more about the Time travel of Hector and how he effects his own outcome.

Hector becomes curious as he see a naked woman with his binoculars undressing in the nearby forest. Soon after, he witnesses other images in the distance which peak his curiosity. In interest of knowing more he sets out to look into what’s going on. What he discovers backfires on him as he approaches the naked female laying now on the ground. While being stabbed in the arm by an unknown bandage wrapped man he flees the scene and panics. This leads him on a small journey where he encounters a strange man per way of a cell phone he finds while trying to seek help. The man who instructs Hector leads him to an odd looking machine within the confines of his lab. While attempting to hide, Hector is transported 1 hour in the past after being advised to step into the machine. The whole film only utilizes the talents of 4 actors. They all serve as connectors to portions of this interactive maze.

Now what is interesting about this film is Hector finds himself in a scenario where he directly effects the outcome he experienced already. So to add to complications his past self must re-enact the events he experienced before to coordinate the present. At one point he panics as he tries to re-enact the events with the same future outcomes. His past self has also become somewhat of the villain with his bandaged face wrapped to hide the accident results. If we didn’t know better he is pretty effective looking as an enigmatic shady character. For movie enthusiast, we’ve seen this look before though in the “Darkman” films. I will say that the whole Hector 1, 2 and 3 became a little overwhelming to intake in one sitting, but like many of these time travel journeys, it all works to some conclusion in the end. I’m willing to bet on a second viewing you would better catch all the plot connectors that might have gone overhead prior.

I was most impressed of the timing of the events and how they all interacted to the makeup of the main plot. If I were Hector I’m not so sure I would have been able to coordinate 3 versions of myself, but it is done with precision and timing. The writers and director need to be commended on rounding off such a integrated story. If you’ve seen the film “Primer” Time crimes works as equally complexing windup in the same vein.

TimeCrimes is an engaging thriller that keeps the viewer locked till the end!

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