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Sam Raimi, Mila Kunis and THE WIZARD OF OZ?

I know what your thinking, why the hell would we be talking about THE WIZARD OF OZ on a hard core horror site such as this?  If you think back hard enough you will probably realize that as a child one of the first things you seen that scared the sh*t out of you was that Green witch and her flying monkeys, all us horror fans owe a debt of graditude to Margret Hamilton for planting that horror seed in our little horror minds.

Now imagine that story in the hands of a director like Sam Raimi and you’ve answered the question of why we would talk about it here.

This one could be epic and some excellent casting news is beginning to creep on line.  James Franco has been cast, although no information on the role he will play and also Mila Kunis hot off her horror hit BLACK SWAN is said to be interested in playing the Wicked Witch.  SWEET!

Raimi’s take is rumored to be more of a prequel and is going by the title OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and the storyline goes like this:

OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL tells the story of a circus wrangler who is transported via tornado to the mysterious land of Oz, where he is mistaken for an all-knowing Wizard

Keep it here, I’m keeping a close eye.

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