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Demons: showing at DEDfest 1/27/2011 – contest to be held

Metro Cinema, 9828-101A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

DEDfest is kicking off 2011 with the most frightening experience you’ll ever have in a movie theatre! We’re proud to present DEMONS the 1985 classic chiller from director Lamberto Bava and producer Dario Argento.

If you thought cell phones and talkers in a movie theatre were bad enough, add demonic possession, green bile, and a legion of hellspawn to your filmgoing experience. In DEMONS, A group of people are trapped in a large West Berlin movie theater infected by ravenous demons whom proceed to kill and posses the humans one-by-one thereby multiplying their numbers.

In addition to the feature, we’re screening the short film CHEERBLEEDERS! From Peter Podgursky, this is the splatastically funny tale of a couple of high school misfits who dabble in the occult and accidentally unleash demons onto the football field. Soon, the entire cheerleading squad is possessed by evil and out for blood!

If THAT wasn’t enough, we’re holding our first ever short film contest: DEDfest 6:66! We’re looking for sick but talented filmmakers to submit a short based on the themes of demonic possession, the occult, and satan worship! Be as gory and as funny as you want, as long as the film is no longer than 6 minutes and 66 seconds in length!

Here are the details:

ENTRY FEE • A mere $10 per team/film (cash only)

RULES • You must shoot and edit your entire film (max 4 minutes) in the period from Friday, January 14, 2011 to Sunday, January 23, 2011. You MUST include the following prop and gore effect: a crucifix and eye trauma.

DEADLINE • Completed films are to be dropped off at the Lobby DVD Shop on Whyte (10815 Whyte Avenue) on SUNDAY, JANUARY 23 by 6:00 PM

FORMATS • Films must be submitted on a playable, non-looped DVD

SCREENING • Our panel of judges (me and Kevin) will pick our favourite two films and screen them before our presentation of DEMONS on January 27th. We will then let the audience decide, via applause, which film is the best! The winner will receive a prize pack courtesy of DEDfest and our sponsors.

For more info: Derek@dedfest.com | (780) 718-9469


* The contest is open to all interested parties over the age of 18.

* You do not have to live in Edmonton to participate but you must have the film submitted by the deadline.

* No equipment will be provided to filmmakers.

* The event will be rated R with no admission for those under 18. The films submitted will be unrated.


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