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Book Review: Gardens Of Night – Author Greg F. Gifune

“Recovering from a violent trauma, Marcus Banyon comes to perceive a different reality. Has he suffered a psychotic break as his doctors suggest? Or have his eyes been opened to forces long hidden from the rest of humanity? As he and his wife retreat to an isolated cabin, Marc’s visions lead them to an ancient mythology steeped in mystery and deception … and to a trio of sinister beings who hold the fate of the world in their hands.”

WOW!!! That about sums up what I feel about Uninvited Books initial offering, the simply stunning new book by Greg F. Gifune “Gardens Of Night”.

If you want to plumb the depths of the human soul where suffering, anguish, pain and madness reign you won’t find a better place to start than with Greg F. Gifunes “Gardens Of Night”.  It is in my opinion one of the darkest, most disturbing books I have ever read. I was literally shaking, with my mouth hanging open saying to myself, “Did I actually just read that?”, as I turned the last page. This story and the emotions it elicits will remain with you long after you put it down. I just love when a book does that.

It is impeccably written, the characters so life like they jump off the pages. You feel Marc’s every agony as if you were going through it yourself. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride that turns and twists you through the myriad scope of human emotion, if not, you then my friend are probably no longer amongst the living.

This is dark fiction as it is meant to be written. I will be hard pressed to find another book anytime soon that is as good as this. If you love well written dark fiction that moves you to tears, sends your emotions into uncharted territory and leaves you breathless, this is a book that you absolutely must read.

Do yourself a favor and use the link above to not only support a new publisher of horror fiction but to get a book that will sit atop my must read again pile for quite a long time.

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