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Go Behind-the-Scenes w/ the Volturi From ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

If you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga, then there’s probably a good chance that you’ve already seen some of the behind-the-scenes photos from Bella and Edwards honeymoon/wedding. Well here’s a new development, c/o Summit Entertainment who has decided to delight us with some new behind-the-scenes photos from the set with the Volturi clan.

The image above shows Dakota Fanning getting some final touch ups on her make-up while Christopher Heyerdahl shows off his luscious locks and Jamie Campbell Bower looks on approvingly from the sidelines.

Meanwhile in the photo below, Michael Sheen looks a bit nervous as he reprises his role as Volturi head honcho.

If you’ve read Breaking Dawn already then you’re also aware that the biggest fight scene doesn’t occur until the end of the book, which kinda doesn’t make any sense why the Volturi clan is making an appearance so soon in production, unless Bill Condon plans on adding some new scenes that weren’t in the book that involves the Volturi. They are making Breaking Dawn into two parts with both parts being filmed back to back, but I guess we’ll just have to find out when the first half gets released next November.


  1. SanctuaryforMe

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you probably havent read the Twilight Saga. There are two other possible scenes they could be filming.
    1. The Volturi flash back of the “Newbie War” in the South/Central America’s (Flashback of Jasper the Civil War Vampire in Eclipse) –The Volturi put down Benito.
    or the most likely
    2. The Volturi flash back of the vampire children purge. Babies turned into Vampires were cute but hand the intellect of a baby, and were dangerous feeding machines. They were outlawed by the Volturi and the Denali Coven’s founder Sasha, hid away a kid and was killed for it. Aro’s mindreading abilities spared the others in the coven.
    I’ve read all the books more times than I care to admit and I’d rather see in the movies the parts you don’t “see” in the books.


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