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Slime City Massacre: Media Blasters gains rights

Filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson reports that Media Blasters has acquired the North American distribution rights to his latest horror film, SLIME CITY MASSACRE. The company will release the film on DVD, VOD and Blu Ray in 2011. Media Blasters specializes in anime and releases horror films, such as Frank Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY, through its Shriek Show label.

SLIME CITY MASSACRE serves as both a post apocalyptic sequel and a period piece prequel to SLIME CITY, Lamberson’s 1988 cult film. The large cast includes Debbie Rochon, Brooke Lewis, newcomer Jennifer Bihl, horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, Lee Perkins, original SLIME CITY stars Robert Sabin and Mary Bogle, and features appearances by Roy Frumkes and Lloyd Kaufman.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIwvoOOOhLA [/youtube]

“SCM is a real mixture of horror, sci-fi and action,” says Lamberson. “Media Blasters understands all of those genres, so we’re in good hands. The original SLIME was one of the sleazy, sticky horror films of the 1980s, and MASSACRE is a tribute to that era. Carl Morano, who works at Media Blasters, has been involved with grindhouse styled NYC fare since his days at Troma, and knows our fan base.”

SLIME CITY MASSACRE tells the tale of four squatters in a post apocalyptic NYC neighborhood who discover a supply of “Zachary Devon’s Home Brewed Elixir” and “Himalayan yogurt” in the ruins of a basement. When they ingest the concoctions, they are transformed into hideous slime creatures that prey on Slime City’s homeless population and battle cannibals and mercenaries.

The film had its world premiere at the Beloit International Film Festival in February, and screened at several other festivals and horror conventions over the past year, garnering several awards: Rochon won Best Actress at the Eerie Horror Film Festival; Lewis won Best Scream Queen at the B Movie Celebration; and Burke won Best Actor at the PollyGrind Film Festival, where the film was awarded “The Biggest Baddest Mother of the PollyGrind.”

Release dates and special features will be announced in the future.

Media Blasters: http://www.media-blasters.com/
Slimeguy.com: http://www.slimeguy.com/

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