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Book Review: Black Creek – Author Gregory Lamberson

Black-Creek-Author-Gregory-Lamberson-book-coverIn successful horror novels, there is always the calm before the storm. In Gregory Lamberson’s latest horror story, Black Creek, that is just the case. The setting is perfect and unique in its own way.

The claustrophobic feeling is very present mixed in with the constant dread of not knowing what is going to happen in a situation where a mandatory city shut down is in effect due to harsh weather situations. It is the dead of winter, that alone is enough to make anyone feel helpless. What makes this story even more interesting besides the winter snowstorm that cuts off everyone from contact with the outside world, is they are in the outside world and no help can get to them at all.

The terror involved in this story is nothing supernatural or having to do with zombies. It is a possible threat. I do not want to give too much away but, Gregory has paid homage to a classic horror film made by a legendary director Wes Craven. That alone should draw you in and make you want to read this book all the more.

The setting is ideal and seemingly innocent enough. A nice suburban development with nice houses and the perfect set of neighbors you could really sit down with and get to know and have fun with. The developing relationships between the characters is what makes the story grow and makes it unforgettable, because you are thrust into the lives of the characters. You get to feel and experience what they see and feel. You get to live their lives and their jobs. You get to know their personalities and there are some likable characters here and there are some you may not like. They are by far not stereotypical. They are driven to the point where they want to live and survive when the terror comes for them.

They are the ones you want to root for. His descriptions for the threat are well written. The gore comes in the right amount of dosage. He knows how to pull you into the story and makes you live it. He takes you for a ride through hell and does not want you to get off until the end has come. His writing is so intense there are times where you do not want to put down the book and see what happens to that one character you like. That is the way of Gregory Lamberson. That is how he snatches his readers and makes sure he scares the shit out of them with his stories. Horror has a true master amongst the authors and other creators of this beloved and frightening genre.

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