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Book Review: The Werewolf’s Guide to Life – Author Rio Youers

Author Ritch Duncan, Bob Powers
Published by Broadway
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Black & White – 256 pages
Price: $13.99

If any a time for Werewolf books, I suppose now is the time with a fresh re-release of “An American Werewolf in London” out on shelves. Which I’m sure you’ll find a few factual inclusions from the film in this book as well. “The Werewolf’s guide to Life” is a horror / comedy release that takes a serious look at all things Werewolves. Author authors Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers, it’s clear that these guys have done immense research, watched alot of films and have taken to heart all the myths, complications and transformations you could imagine in the art and legacies of being a Lycanthrope. Upon reading, I kept thinking of that film Beetlejuice, where the dead couple find’s the “guide to the un living” sitting around for reference. Well look no further as the fear of becoming a werewolf has been mapped out for you in great detail.

Need to know when the full moons arrive, what sequence of there arrival you should be on watch for or how it comes about? How about the disease itself o bloodline infection? What is it that causes one to transform and become 3 times there size …fangs, leg bones and all? Wake up nude in the park and don’t know why? Should you be afraid if you’ve been bitten and how long can a recently infected human expect to live?

These are a few of the questions answered in what will seem like a stroll down memory lane on every Werewolf film you’ve ever seen. The heightened senses, the agility, the healing and the need for raw meat. Did anyone see that movie “Wolf”….how many connections can you find to the story layout and its effects on the turned?

What I really enjoyed was the useful advice and preparation steps. You know like pack a bag of meat, find a secluded location away from humans, bring a cell phone, pack an extra set of clothes, why you shouldn’t video tape the transformation and what to expect afterwards. Like for instance muscle sourness, loss of memory, perspiration…..

How bout the preliminary signs? What’s those strange patches of hair growth suggesting? Are your senses more acute than normal? How about a good reason not to wear rings?

Yes the book is broken down into all the fundamentals….health, living arrangements, making friends, communities, diet, romance, government and even the hunters themselves. I think all the myths shall forever be dispelled into a comprehensive layout that takes all these things into consideration. If you are lucky to stay focused and alive you should live a very long life that will change in your views on the curse over time. Those spirits that pop in now and then will get old and steps will be fully in place to deal with your new reality

What about types of werewolves….your potential appearance, your classification, types of sex, can you have sex or how about fashion? Ya you get that and so much more in this crazy little imagined world that the authors have presented before you. Cool little illustrations are included throughout to help better visualize some of the transformation aspects.

The humor here is subtly an is taken for granted on leveraging the material for a serious reference book of fiction. By the time your done reading not only will you know all their is about werewolves but you’ll be better equipped to handle the dilemma in case you ever find yourself warned by the undead and approached by wise gypsies into the middle of the night. A very well thought out piece of literature that is as helpful as it is absurd. We as readers might have taken into consideration some aspects but definitely not the extent as the authors have. I think horror readers will love the book as a great late night comedic read of sorts. Also special mention for an appropriately attractive cover and organized reading format.

Available from Crown Publishing
Also available from Amazon

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