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Magazine Review: Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 105

Rue Morgue arrives on the stands with its 13th Anniversary Halloween issue. A familiar face per Anthony Perkins stares back with a sinister grin that has lurked in the minds of horror fans for generations past. Quite alot of content this month, not to mention the huge tribute to the Psycho film which turns 50. With a snazzy layout, RM brings us up to speed on the important facts on the iconic movie and its place within the horror culture.

Now before you start fully settling into your Last Exorcism viewings, you’ll be happy to know that RM has given us a special section as well on the classic “nightmares for life film” “The Exorcist”. The hoopla is themed around the recent Blu-ray release of “the Exorcist” which contains some more found behind the scenes documentaries about the 1970s release. The release also boasts some additional scenes, but those are actually a repeat of the “version you’ve never seen” release. I’m not sure I need to run out and buy another copy of the film as I already own 2 but it’s always nice to read a few articles about its history. We learn about the director who took the movie with out any real horror background, about the famed lighted window scenes and the era when the film first arrived on the circuit. These are different times now, but there is no denying the film served up “scaring the crap out of someone” like none before. An interesting article to check out.

Further inclusions contain why we need to love horror comics, which is no stranger to me. A brief history is presented with a few of the important horror comic titles we should check out on our own. I’m going to add my own 2 cents and say that the Marvel zombies collective is hands down one of the best things since the remake of Dawn of the Dead. There are some weird ones in here but definitely worth checking out. I was reminded how much I miss reading the “Spectre” comics as I make plans for a condensed graphic novel purchase.

Derek Riggs, is a name all 80’s metal heads “should” know, but if not you might want to check your old packed away Iron Maiden T-shirts. Great to see the artist getting more kudos and some art inclusion. His released book of art is something to behold.

Where does that leave us? Well, make sure and check out the SAW chronological overview as you prep for it’s Halloween 3D release. Our era is the SAW era that is soon coming to a close.

Other inclusions report on the video game “Skin City”, the history of a jack-o-lantern (cool stuff) and something called “Through the creaking door”. “Todd and the Book of pure evil” sounds like a series to watch out for (making note) and if that doesn’t do it for ya, then check out the short article on old monster kits. A few I remember quite well.

Reviews take us up to the end but not before giving us a cool peek into how to turn a photo into a zombie. Thanx Rob! We’ll let you do the dirty work, but its always nice to know…… onward and into Halloween 2010!

Rue Morgue Magazine – Issue 105

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