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Film Review: Who Wants Desert (Short Film) (2020)

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Annie’s life is perfect… terrific husband, adorable child, lovely home. So perfect that she informs her therapist she no longer needs to see her. But when the therapist visits Annie’s home unannounced, she discovers Annie’s secret.


This is too good to be true. Who Wants Desert was directed and written by Venita Ozols- Graham (Amy’s in the Freezer, Used Body Parts).

We meet Annie (Brigitte Graham) and Dan (Dan Sykes), and Logan (Logan Parker). Annie seems to have the perfect life. A wonderful family in a quaint suburban neighborhood. Everything seems a tad bit too perfect. Brigitte Graham is excellent as Annie.

Annie heads over to Dr. Sarah Chambers’ office to tell her that she doesn’t need sessions anymore. Sean Young portrays Dr. Chambers. Well, something happened and Annie doesn’t have this perfect reality. Who Wants Desert has quite the psychological kick to it. I want to know more. I want to know the story.

Dr. Chambers tries her best to talk Annie in to staying in therapy. Annie is baking up a storm. She’s living in a false reality. Annie just keeps on going.

Why is it over? Poor Dr. Chambers, that was definitely not therapy recommended. I’d love to see this as a feature film. Make sure to check out Panic Fest 2021 and Who Wants Desert.  


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