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Film Review: Anything for Jackson (2020) – Review 2

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In ANYTHING FOR JACKSON, after a tragic car accident that took their grandson’s life, Audrey and Henry are unable to go on without him. Following the guidance of their ancient spell book, the elderly couple decide to abduct a young pregnant woman with the intention of performing a “reverse exorcism” to channel their grandson’s spirit inside her unborn child. But when it becomes clear the ritual has called upon more than one spirit, the couple realize they have summoned more than they bargained for and must put an end to the evil entity they’ve invoked.


Directed by Justin G. Dyck and written by Keith Cooper, Anything For Jackson stars Sheila McCarthy and Julian Richings.

We are introduced to Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) and Henry (Julian Richings). Audrey and Henry have kidnapped a woman who is pregnant. Some of us really would do anything in the galaxy to help the ones we love, and have loved.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the house that Henry and Audrey live in. A beautiful character that houses all the secrets they keep. When I was a kid, there was a doctor that some of my family went to. His office was hidden down a long driveway with shrubbery and arborvitae hiding the house which was also a doctor’s office. The doctor’s office was decorated in all sorts of voodoo type memorabilia, and if I close my eyes, I see his wife who was also his nurse walking towards me her brown hair and eyeglasses. I remember sitting on the old doctor table and thinking I guess every doctor’s office looks like this? It was a mix of voodoo/black magic and science in one room. Okay, enough of my chaos.

Audrey and Henry have soundproofed the room and everything. Audrey’s incredibly calm, it’s unnerving.

The woman Becker (Konstantina Mantelos) they kidnapped is screaming and trying to bring help her way. Henry is trying to get out of his driveway and he’s ambushed by the overzealous gentleman, Rory (Yannick Bisson) that wants to remove the snow. Henry delivers a believable excuse to get rid of Rory.

Julian Richings is just this mythical, magical source. He can play any character with ease. I think Sheila McCarthy has that same wonderful talent.

Audrey is prepping Becker and giving her vitamins, water, and trying to get Becker to agree with this haphazard insane plan. Audrey has Becker’s phone and she’s making it seem like Becker needed some “me time”, what even is “me time”? Do people really get to do that? Henry is at work again.

Audrey is carrying around a thousand-year-old book, and bringing animals back to life.

Audrey is going to use this magic to bring their grandson back to life. They need a baby to put his soul back.

Possessed, demonic, supernatural type films either bother people or they love them? That’s what my experience has been.

Sheila McCarthy (Die Hard 2, The Day After Tomorrow) and Julian Richings Urban Legend, Supernatural, Man of Steel, Hannibal) are top-tier, top-notch actors. They disappear and fully immerse themselves as Audrey and Henry. The two of them have an incredible resume of films and television work.

Audrey and Henry head in for a Satan meeting with Ian (Josh Crussas). Henry is also a doctor in case I didn’t mention that earlier, and this is how he gets these women. This is really scary because you imagine there could be people out there doing stuff like this. It’s disturbing.

Keith did a good job with the story. It’s refreshing in many ways and it’s certainly has that uncomfortable feel to it. I don’t think Audrey and Henry expected that to happen? Oh Lord, get the rosary beads, the holy water.

Henry has one hell of a nightmare. Henry is at work now and a detective shows up, Detective Bellows (Lanette Ware). She wants to know about Becker. Talia (Claire Cavalheiro) offers to help out but Henry comes up with an excuse.

It gets creepier. The cast does a great job of portraying these lost, mourning, tormented characters. Becker should try and escape, I’m not this is going to go well for anyone. These sleep paralysis/night terror/nightmares are the worst. It’s one creepy thing after the next.

The ghosts are played by Marianne Sawchuk, Calwyn Shurgold, Troy James, Kyle Sipkens, and Ai Barrett. They are the nightmares come to life. TROY JAMES IS INCREDIBLE. His contorted body as the suffocating ghost. He moves with this ease.

Henry and Audrey’s possession/exorcism can’t catch a break. Rory comes back. He is not a quitter. The special effects/make-up team did a great job. Rory just wants to help. I’m not sure if this is going to go well for Rory either?

I mean, but how are your neighbors supposed to know when you have a pregnant woman locked in the basement and that you’re going to perform a backwards exorcism??? OH WOW! I saw that coming, it’s all the Final Destination movies.

I think Henry and Audrey would actually be nice people if they hadn’t lost their grandson. Death is difficult. Audrey is still trying. (I totally don’t trust Ian.)

This movie is sad in so many ways. Loss and heartache. Anything for Jackson is creepy, supernatural, there are a few light moments between Julian and Sheila. Justin G. Dyck did a great job with the shots and movie magic is enduring.

I would recommend checking out Anything for Jackson.

Directed by Justin G. Dyck (Christmas With a Prince) and written by Keith Cooper (A Witches’ Ball), ANYTHING FOR JACKSON stars Sheila McCarthy (The Broken Hearts GalleryDie Hard 2), Julian Richings (Spare Parts, Man of Steel), Konstantina Mantelos (“Miss Misery”, “Paranormal 911”) and Yannick Bisson (“Murdoch Mysteries”). RLJE Films will release ANYTHING FOR JACKSON

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