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Film Review: Chain Letter (short film) (2020)

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More short films, kiddies! Today we have CHAIN LETTER, directed by Aaron Fradkin, written by Aaron Fradkin and Victoria Fratz.

The title tells you what we’re dealing with. We’ve all gotten that email or social media post – share the money cat or face devastation! – and of course most of us toss it to the deleted file and move on. But imagine for a minute that crap was true. What if you don’t share that email with 20 of your friends? Will the worst case scenario actually happen?

That’s our story here. Our hero (played by Victoria Fratz) gets one of those emails saying if she doesn’t share it by a certain time, then “smiling Harvey” will kill her. So will she take this seriously, or blow it off like most of us would do?

I’ve said before that I am a fan of horror films that use “new media” as part of the story. This is no exception. I have reviewed a few films from this team before and I’ve enjoyed them all. This one is just as fun.

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