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Film Review: Why Haven’t They Fixed the Cameras Yet? (short film) (2020)

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A woman leaves her holiday work party late to discover the security cameras are still broken.


More short films, kiddies! Today we have WHY HAVEN’T THEY FIXED THE CAMERAS YET?, written and directed by Travis White, based on the short story WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO DARK IN HERE by Miss Directed Souls.

Our story opens with a woman (Lee Eddy) leaving a work holiday party. Her car is in the all but empty parking garage, with little lighting, no security, and a broken camera hanging from exposed wires by the elevator.

She begins to muse, in a most annoyed inner voice, about how dangerous it is. How many women could be abducted, or worse, with no security or cameras to protect them. She goes on to consider a man called Devon (Lukas King), the office jerk who seems just the type to do such a thing.

We see flashbacks of Devon doing his worst at the office party, and we start to think the woman may have a point. It also seems she has a very real reason to be concerned about him, as she reported his bad behaviour to upper management and he knows she did. Just then, who should emerge from the elevator into the parking garage other than Devon. So what happens now?

I’m not gonna tell you, of course. You’ll have to watch it and find out for yourself.

I liked this. It didn’t go quite where I thought it was going, but the ending is satisfying all the same.

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