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Top 10 Devil Themed Movies

1. The Exorcist (1973)
There are many people who say this is the scariest movie of all time. But I also know some people who laugh when they see this movie; it doesn’t scare them at all. What I will say, is that The Exorcist is the best possession or Devil-themed horror film ever made. I just watched this movie again recently, and man… it was awesome. I’m normally not a fan of movies where the first hour is spent laying the groundwork for 30 minutes of scare (i.e., Wolf Creek), but this movie does that and it’s not boring.

The tension is palpable from the first frame, and it just keeps growing. Poor Reagan goes from bad to worse—so much happens in the first 2/3 of the movie. Some of the most memorable moments happen before Reagan’s exorcism begins. This is one of those films where you sit there thinking, “How can it get any worse?” And then think ten minutes later, “How can it get any worse than that?” And then it does. Max von Sydow’s turn as Father Merrin may be the most memorable performance ever, considering how remarkably little screen time he gets.

Ellen Burstyn is amazing, of course, as is the ever-frightening Linda Blair (in a make-up by Dick Smith and voiced by Mercedes McCambridge). However, the real star of this film is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jason Miller as Father Damien Karrass. He doesn’t go through any major traumas, like Burstyn or Blair, but his pain is evident as is his frustration and despair over losing his faith. This movie is about overcoming demons—both literally and figuratively—and Karrass’ pain is pitch-perfect.

2. The Omen (1976)
Let’s not talk about the remake (you’ll have to wait for another list I’m working on for that). Instead, let’s just focus on how brilliantly terrifying this film is. Gregory Peck is the most straight-laced and rational a leading man you could ask for, even by today’s standards. That’s one of the film’s great attributes. Plus, Damien is so creepy.

And let’s not forget David Warner (I recommend his film Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell if you’ve got a free spot on your Netflix): Did they just cut that guy’s head off? Yes. One of the most frightening moments is when the nanny hangs herself outside Damien’s party. The film deals with the Antichrist, who comes in the form of a child, switched at birth with Robert Thorn’s (Peck) stillborn (actually murdered) baby. This film succeeds with its pessimistic—although realistic—plot. In this movie about Satan, evil wins.

3. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
The Exorcist is a movie that somewhat glorifies that Catholic Church; Rosemary’s Baby is about Catholic guilt and the sexual awakening that came along with the women’s lib movement. The beauty of Roman Polanski’s early films is that they all focus on one female character.

The first film, Repulsion, was about sexual desire and its effect on the mind—in this case, psychosis. Rosemary’s Baby is the next logical step: the sexual awakening’s affect on traditional gender roles. It seems that the children born of mothers who have control and pursue their desires will, of course, be the spawn of Satan. Rosemary’s isn’t faced with the horror of realizing her child is demonic, as in The Omen, but instead is faced with the consequences of her sinful ways. However, the film is also about the vulnerability of women, even the liberated ones:

Rosemary is raped by the Devil (or was it really just her husband being overly zealous?), and, like many rape victims, Rosemary knows it really happened but cannot accept it. The film is also about vulnerability of motherhood. All the people around Rosemary want to take her baby away, and all she wants is to protect it. What makes this film so scary is that there are all these levels of subtext, which gets to you, even if you don’t realize it. This film gets into your subconscious and makes you paranoid. The best horror films make you experience them along with the main character, and Rosemary’s Baby does that like no other.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
The two movies on this list that deal directly with the Devil and possession are both about exorcism. And even though they were made nearly 30 years apart, they both deal with the same fundamental issues and each one deals with the subject matter in a way befitting their time.

The Exorcist is a movie with heavy special effects; in the 70s, what a demon looked like was scary enough. Today, we’ve all seen The Exorcist—we know what a demon looks like. We don’t, however, all believe in the existence of such things. They’re just the stuff of horror films. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a movie for our time; with its dual court-and-exorcism scenes, the film isn’t about demons or faith in general, but about proving whether demons and exorcism exist. That is what makes this movie so effective: we are given facts and theories about what happened to Emily or what may have happened to her. To reflect our modern mindset, what we believe is left up to us. “People say God is dead, but how can they say that if I show them the Devil?” is one of the most crucial lines from Emily Rose. The movie shows us both sides of the story, the factual and the faith-based, and lets audiences make up their own mind.

5. House of the Devil (2009)
Tom Noonan. Oh, how I love Tom Noonan. I heard a lot about this movie but didn’t actually want to watch it until I learned Noonan was a main actor. He makes any horror movie ten times creepier than it would be otherwise. Plus, this movie is a throw-back to how horror movies used to be, with a simple story but high on the scares, and not skimpy with the blood. The tense atmosphere in this movie is scarier than the actual Satanic rituals that permeate through the final half-hour. This movie capitalizes on the mystery surrounding Satanists and Satanic rituals: What’s really going on? We’re never sure. Does “Mother” even exist? If that’s what you want to call her. What’s at the top of those stairs? The movie gives more questions than answers, including an only semi-resolved conclusion.

6. Prince of Darkness (1987)
The second part of horror master John Carpenter’s self-proclaimed “apocalypse trilogy,” Prince of Darkness comes after The Thing and before In the Mouth of Madness. (Interesting fact: Carpenter wrote, directed, and scored the film.) A strange cylinder is found in the basement of an abandoned church is LA; inside it is green liquid that constant swirls around.

A priest, a professor, and a group of students all come together to examine the cylinder; after reading the text found with the cylinder, they discover that the liquid is actually Satan himself. Little by little, small jets of liquid escape the cylinder and infect the students one by one, making them become possessed. Eventually, the cylinder opens fully and the remaining liquid is absorbed into the body of one of the students, who then becomes the bodily vessel for Satan: a gruesome, telekinetic, disfigured being who has the powers of regeneration. He then attempts to bring the Anti-God (who is more powerful than Satan) through a dimensional portal using a mirror. The girlfriend of one of the possessed students overpowers the vessel and the mirror is shattered, trapping Satan in another realm. Is he going to stay there? We never know: Carpenter cuts the film to black right before the moment of truth.

7. Demons (1985)
A “Dario Argento Presents” feature (like “Quentin Tarantino Presents Hostel”), Demons is one no-holds-barred, punk rock horror movie. It also takes place in a movie theatre, so it’s got the movie-within-a-movie concept going for it. But aside from that, this movie also has so much gore I can hardly describe it. In this film a group of people go to a screening of a violent horror movie. One of the patrons gets a cut on her face from a mask—one of the same masks in the film. Before long she turns into a crazed, bloodthirsty demon. One by one the other cinema-going folk are transformed. This film isn’t very Satanic, but the demons surely are. On another level, this film is a horror film about the evils of horror films, which is brilliant.

8. The Beyond (1981)
Lucio Fulci knows how to make a great movie. Not only that, he knows how to make one badass, gore-filled zombie movie. The twist on this flick is that the zombies come through a gateway that opens into hell. There are also references to the Book of Eibon, an infamous occultist book, and a little girl who gets possessed. Not a typical zombie or Satan movie, but the combining of the two is genuinely riveting.

9. The Sentinel (1977)
I’m a big fan of the two series Bravo made years ago, 100 Scariest Movie Moments and 30 Even Scarier Movie Moments. I don’t agree with every movie they feature, and they certainly left some out, but if you love to talk about horror movies then the specials are good for a little discussion. One of the movies features on 100 Scariest Movie Moments was The Sentinel. I had never seen this movie before—I’d never even heard of it—and it seemed interesting. It was only featured for maybe a minute and a half, but that was enough to make me want to see the film.

Like The Beyond, this movie is also about a house (or hotel) being a gateway to hell. What The Sentinel does is take that concept to another level by asking, “Who guards that gateway anyway?” Apparently, the Catholic Church does. The blind priest they’ve had keeping the demons out needs to be replaced and Alison, our main character, needs to atone for her sins. She is told that by becoming the new gatekeeper she will be forgiven for trying to commit suicide and will be allowed into heaven. At the end of the film Alison has to face all the minions of hell, and they drive her to attempt suicide again. The priest and another man, Monsignor Franchino, stop her, and Alison takes the Father’s cross, becoming a blind nun who will guard the gateway.

10. The Ninth Gate (1999)
This isn’t the best horror movie—and it certainly isn’t Johnny Depp’s finest 90 minutes—but The Ninth Gate is notable because it’s a film where what you don’t see is scarier than what you do see. Depp plays Dean Corso, a rare books dealer, who is hired by Boris Balkan (Frank Langella, who, as always, is cree-py) to find the three remaining copies of The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, a book which, when the illustrations are put together correctly, is said to summon Satan himself. Like The House of the Devil and Rosemary’s Baby (also directed by Roman Polanski), this film is far too intricate to be understood or really liked the first go-round. This movie needs repeated viewings to get the full effect.

Top 10 Devil themed Movies


  1. Michael Martinez

    i’m looking for a horror movie. i can’t think of the name. it’s kinda old. one of the big scenes i remember is a guy getting torn to shreds/eaten by things underneath wallpaper. the way it ends is this girl pouring purple liquid out of a vial in the doorway of a bus and getting, then a man later on refuses to get the bus due to the barrier made by the purple stuff. what is the name of this movie? please e-mail it to mt if you find out. mwmartinez89@yahoo.com

    • That would be Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight.

      • set out the young campers.
        After a while they reached a town.
        campers arrived at the forest.
        teenagers were bewitched.
        begin to descend down a cave.
        the devil is waiting deep below.
        magic and gets rid of one of them to the surface.

        Do you know the name of this movie tells.

    • i think we have the same movie looking for..thats the blood of jesus the girl put on the door of the bus..

    • I’m looking for a movie from the 80’s/70’s about a group of people that go into a house and they get locked in there. then they find a book upstairs like a Bible. there’s this one scene where a guy tries to break down the wall to get out but then he gets thrown across the room. Then they go down into the basement and they find a doorway and these stairs that lead down into hell. Please help, can’t remember title.

      • I think that’s the movie I’m looking for…guy tries to cut the front door and the devil makes him cut thru his hand…One person gets out and runs into quick sand and is sucked down…is that the movie

        • have you found the movie?I’m also trying to find the title but no luck.It’s not demon knight (1995) as suggested cause it is older.It is from the 80s. I remember in some point all the windows were shutting off and the group of people locked inside started smelling sulfur coming from the gate to hell located in the basement

        • Have you found the movie?It is not demon knight because it is older.It was made in the 80s. I remember in one scene all the windows were shutting off and there was the smell of sulfur coming from the basement were the gate to hell was located. I saw it almost 25 years ago and I can’t find the title.

        • @ej The movie you’re looking for is called The Evil

    • Demon Knight

  2. im looking for the title of a movie its about the devil in the movie the devil is in a body as soon as the person of the body that they are in dies they go into the closest living thing and theres a man in the movie he figures out how to kill this devil so in the end of the movie he takes the man that he knows the devil is in to some deserted house in the forest and he kills himself and the man the devils in so there in the middle of nowhere so the devil will die he cant go into anyone cause theres no one there so the guy thinks he killed the devil and at the end a cat comes from around the house and the devil goes in the cat and lives and the movie is narrated by the main guy trying to kill the devil he says about “the time i almost destroyed the devil” something like that if any one knows the name of this movie PLEASE let me know ive been driving myself crazy for a while now lol…the movie is between 1995 to 2010 somewhere around that time

    • It’s called, ‘Fallen’ made in 1998 with Denzel Washington and John Goodman. Someone was telling me about this movie as well and I had to search a little to find the title also.

    • thats with denzel washington….its called dreamcatcher

      • No it’s called fallen…I’ve had the DVDs forever and he can tell who the demon is in cuz he’s always humming or singing ( can’t recall with) the same song

      • No it’s Fallen…. Dream catchers stars Morgan freeman NOT Denzel Washington and its about “Dreamcatcher” four young friends who perform a heroic act — and are changed forever by the uncanny powers they gain in return. Years later the friends, now men, are on a hunting trip in the Maine woods when they are overtaken by a blizzard in which something much more ominous moves. Challenged to stop an alien force, the friends must first prevent the slaughter of innocent civilians by a military vigilante, then overcome a threat to the bond between them.

    • Fallen (1998)denzel Washington

    • i watched that film on freeview 26/6/15 the title is Fallen(1998) denzel washington

  3. looking for a movie from the 70’s it was similar to the omen. in one of the scene a man gets the top of his head cut off as he is walking away from a helicopter.

  4. im looking for a movie about the devil who was born in a normal family and had a normal brother. as they grow up together he gains power/antichrist type thing and makes an army to take over the world idk the title help me out plz!! im probably not gonna check the site ever so plz e mail me at kpatel921@yahoo.com

  5. steven miskelley

    i need the title of a movie about the devil he turns into a woman and starts trying to touch another woman and she runs away from her and then they start fighting and both end up dead in a swimming pool where they are found by i think one of their husbands. the movie box has a devil standing near a woman laying down with a snake on her. i think it came out in the early 90’s. please help

  6. i am looking for the name of a movie where she picked up red car and possed by the devil she was pregnant at the start of the movie they said you never know who sitting next to you

  7. im looking for a movie when a lady is possed and she gets crucified like jesus when she wsa on the train the cross flew on the ground upside down then her wrist were punshered open like jesus then she starts writing stuff in her apartment. can somone tell me the name. jamarcusdupont43@yahoo.com

  8. I saw a movie that’s kind of older that has the devil in the whole minotaur goat looking body and he kidnapps a woman and tries to get her to fall in love with him and come back to hell with him. Anyone know what it’s called? Please e-mail back! It’s driving me crazy!

  9. I’d seen a movie which was like “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors”. In one story, a man is walking in an empty street in the night. He meets the devil. The devil tells the man that it would not kill him if he promises it that he won’t tell anyone about it. A little while later he meets a lady who is also alone in the street, afraid. This man and the lady then marries and has children. Many years later, he tells the lady the secret, and the lady reveals herself as the devil, and kills him for breaking the promise.
    I can’t remember the name of the movie. Could someone help please?

    • It’s called “Tales From the Darkside” which has like three or four stories in it. The one you’re talking about involves a gargoyle, not a devil, but same difference I guess, lol :)

    • that was a gargoyle he saw not the devil! tales from the crypt don’t know which episode

  10. Looking for a move. Near start of movie, two City cops go to arrest a suspect in a hotel room. A demonic figure gets there first a splatters said suspect all over the walls, before escaping out the window. Started to watch this film, but was interrupted and never got back to it, been looking in the listings for months to no avail. I know it’s not much to go on but any ideas?

    • The Black Saint

      Call me crazy but this sounds a lot like “Hellbound” (1994), starring Chuck Norris.

  11. ik zoek een film met een paarse auto de film is van ongeveer 1970 het is een film waar die paarse auto bezeten is door de duivel en alle mensen gaan naar het kerk hof omdat die auto daar niet op durf wie kan mij helpen met de naam van die horror film uit ongeveer 1970

  12. Does anyone remember a movie from the 90’s or early 00’s that involved the devil raping a woman? I know that’s super vague but I was really young and it seemed so real. The devil was more like a creature than a man. He had the horns and almost looked like a Minotaur. I think she ends up getting pregnant by him and MAYBE she ends up falling for him? Not sure…any help would be great…I’d really like to see it again as an adult, lol :)

  13. anyone remember a film people traped in a lift, each one getting bumped off and its the old woman whos doing it shes the devil

  14. I am looking for the name of a movie. Possibly made in the 70’s or early 80’s, not quite sure. But the movie tells the story of a father (Ephrem Zimbalist Jr I think) looking for his missing son and is piecing together his whereabouts by reading his notes or listening to his taped diary entries. This particular one tells of a man who dies, but has gone through some measures to come back from the dead. He then summons a demon. The movie is about the son’s investigation and trying to stop him. The movie ends with the summoning ending badly for the summoner and the demon devours him, or maybe they perish in fire together.

    It might even be a movie of the week or something. It has been bugging me for decades….

  15. maestromasada

    I am after a movie where a dying man carries the blood of jesus and the devil is behind him to kill him. He takes refuge in a house where he intent to pass this blood legacy to somebody who will then contintue with the blookd of jesus, but hte devil surrander the house and demons attack. CAn’t remeber the name of the film, watcher somewhre on the 90’s.
    Thank you

    • The Black Saint

      The film you’re looking for is called “Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight” maestromasada.

  16. I am looking for two anthology series

    no 1 : shows a story of a guy who walks into a shop and buys a ‘devil toy’ the cashier says under no circumstances must he put the pentagram on it as it becomes possessed. he ignores her. then ends up being forced into killing passers by. in the end on of the ladies he tries to kill ends up killing him and then both the devil and her start laughing.

    no 2: shows a story of a woman who lives with her husband only to cheat with a guy. the husband finds out and then confronts her. she kills him and then cooks him as a pie and gets the lover to eat him. this is a real story.

  17. Please help. THIS ONE SHOULD BE EASY FOR YOU. It’s a movie about a young British guy, he is rushing over to his friends house, scared for his life. His friends are a young couple and the woman has a bad feeling about the poor guy. When the couple is sleeping, he is walking around the house freaking out, seeing demons in mirrors/windows. Suddenly the movie takes a sharp dive and people who have been killed by this demonic figure start terrorizing the group of 3. I’m pretty sure this movie came out in 2011 and is British, but I cannot find it on anything and I have no clue what the name is, I just want to refer it to my friends. You’re y only hope.

  18. hey there was a movie on the tv ages ago when a man conjures up a spell and turns a cat into the devils mistress i think it is devils den but it keeps coming up with some other movie with devon sayer in it i can not find it so can you plz help

  19. Hope some one can help on a horror movie, all i remember is there was a party at a club and an orgy. So everyone is having sex with each other, then like 3 demons or devil and teo demons crash through the wall and begin killing the people.

  20. Anyone remember a movie about the devil controls cars, trucks, people are stuck inside a gas station they cant get out or else the big trucks will kill them. anyone know the name of the movie? i was little when i saw this movie, but cant remember the name of the movie. plz someone help me

  21. I’ve been trying to find out the title of two horror movies/shows that I seen in the early 90’s. My family was travelling from CA to NC, and I seen these while staying in a hotel.

    The first, I think may have been a tales from the crypt type thing. It was short, and kind of like a christmas special. There was a family that was travelling, and the kids heard a story about saying something a few times, and a monster would appear with basketball or pumpkin sized hands. At the end, it smashes theough a hotel window and gets the kids parents.

    The second, I cant remember a lot of detail other than it gave me nightmares. There was a devil or gargoyle like creature that was like “Darkness” from legend, but had wings. It lived in a cave on the side of the mountain, and I remember it flying out and attacking a car that was travelling.

    I seen them in 1993, was 13 years old and travelling across the us. I was sleeping in the back of a Chevy S10 with a homemade camper shell or in Hotel rooms.

    • The Black Saint

      @RBergFayNC – The first one sounds like an episode of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE called “Seasons Of Belief”. It was about a couple telling their 2 kids about a creature called “The Grither” that punished kids on Christmas Eve. At the end, its hands burst through the windows and grabbed the parents by their heads and pulled them out of the house.

      Not too sure about the 2nd but it sounds a lot like a film called “EQUINOX”.

    • The first one is a Tales from he Darkside episode and the monsters name is the Grither. I don’t know about the second one.

  22. I’m looking for a movie where a group of kids are drinking as they jump the fence to get into some Madison or something and when they’re there they start messing around with this fancy full length mirror and then leave and one gets posessed.

  23. Hi!

    I need the title of a movie, its a black cat that makes a woman fall down the stairs and while she is at the hospital the cat turn into a woman that have sex with the man so she can get pregnent, and at the end he chops his own dick of and burn down the house,

    I would love to get the answer to my mail
    (sorry for bad eng)

    Thanks so much!

  24. I need the name of a movie where an ex-minister lost her beliefe in god and goes around proving “godly” things to be natural causes. she gets a case of a town that is having simillar plagues as egypt and the town believes a little girl is the devil and causing it all. But the twist at the end proves the town was devil worshipers and was trying to manipulate the ex-minister to kill the girl.

  25. The Black Saint

    Sierra, the movie you’re describing sounds like “The Reaping” (2007). Hope this helps!

  26. Its from the 90’s or might be early 00. It starts with a group doing a sacrifice ritual for the devil. Then they show a guy flying through hell in this weird CGI sequence and he is just yelling. The movie is about I guess the devil that comes in the form of a young guy with long hair. There was one famous lead male actor and that was it but i cant remember who.

    • Hey Arni, I know this is an old question, but I just realised that the movie is Hideaway, starring Jeff Goldblum.

      • hahaha thank you Ed yes it is that one. I saw it on Carckle i think and never found out what it was. Thank you

  27. Can someone help me find the movie I am talking about up top

  28. Hi! Can anyone remember an older movie where a group of people go to a big, old mansion to do some sort of investigating and end up getting terrorized by something unseen….at one point there was a black woman who was thrown around and her clothes ripped off by something unseen…there was a ghost, but he was trying to warn them…there was a trapdoor in the basement and it was bright white and well lit, and at one point when a man fell in, he discovered that there was a demon or satan within…

    • The Haunting of Hell House? Roddy McDowall starred. Great scene with a woman having sex with an entity (even though most action was underneath the covers). Love this one – and it is British.

    • This movie is called “The Evil”

  29. Can someone help me find the name of this movie: Its from the 90′s or might be early 00. It starts with a group doing a sacrifice ritual for the devil. Then they show a guy flying through hell in this weird CGI sequence and he is just yelling. The movie is about I guess the devil that comes in the form of a young guy with long hair. There was one famous lead male actor and that was it but i cant remember who.

  30. tryingtofindanother


    Trying to find a movie, what I can remember about it: 1.) catholic priest 2.) losses faith in the priesthood 3.) horrific scene of death and thousands of crosses upside down 4.) toward the end shows him in a cave with bible and now renewed faith battling a demon with scripture 5.) movie ends with him faith renewed and walking back into the church.

    Any help with be much appreciated, Thank you in advance!

    • A cave? It really sounds like Exorcist:The Beginning 2004 with Stellan Star-something don’t know how to spell his name lol

  31. Looking for a movie probably from the mid to late 60’s about a group of people who are hiking or walking through a forest and they find a cave with a book in it. Once they open the book someone reads from it and realizes too late that they read the Our Father backwards which unleashes demons and possession of people from the group.

  32. Mae Anne Jane Cataquis

    i looking for the title of the movie, it is there’s a family when the demon guide them and when their child is sleeping the child always have a nightmare that in one room it is so dark and that room the child was trapped in that room and in the realily he was commatous because of that..

  33. I’ve been looking for this movie for 4 years, it has a possessed nun with a broken foot, dragging around an axe and taking out a bus full of people. There’s also a possessed boy and priest. They’re all grotesque looking. Someone please help.

  34. Gabrielle Cayanan

    I am looking for the title of a movie, it is about a man who fights with an Evil Creature by using his blood that is stored in a cross bottle. When he puts his blood on doors and windows the evil cannot enter. The ending was he had to pass the cross bottle to the lady (black beautiful girl) to continue his fight.

  35. whats the movie where they take a new born baby to basement of hospital to do ritual in the beginning and then when the baby grows up the same people try to kill him…its a fat nurse that takes the baby to thebasement……i wanna say end of days but im not sure.

  36. looking for an old movie.. a couple has a little girl who may or may not have been adopted. The mother gets pregnant with a little boy who has the mark of the devil. He scratches her at some point and she gets blood poisoning.

  37. I’m looking for the name of a movie in the 70’s where a woman is taken into a building, not sure if its a church or what; but she appears to get on top of a statue of some sort of demonic and has sex with it. I think a baby was born shortly after.

    • I’m not sure about the baby part, but it sounds a bit like “The Church” (Italian title: La chiesa), also known as Cathedral of Demons or Demon Cathedra.

  38. I’m trying to remember a name of a movie, in this 3 guys and a girl open a gate to hell and when they close it a little demon stays and one of the guys carries the demon around, they soon begin to change themselves into demons and they have to sacrifice the girl… a 80s or 90s flick

  39. Simon Batchelor

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a movie that I watched a long time ago. I can’t remember all the details but I do remember:
    1. The Devil gave a lady a locket which cured her arthritis
    2. The Devil gave a young boy a baseball card with his favourite player on, then the boy was in the rafters of a building and (I think) he flung himself off.
    3. The ending showed the townspeople burn the Devil’s house down and the Devil just emerged from the wreckage, got into his car and then left the town.
    These are the only facts that I can remember. This might not actually be a film, it might be a tv show. Also I think the Devil aided people with problems or getting something they wanted by persuading them to do horrible things. I think the young boy either hurt or killed his friend for the baseball card.
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  40. anime dreamer

    Please helpe m looking for this really old movie I saw as a child.It was from early 90’s or sooner iI only remember 3 scenes from the movie

    1. There in a mansion and there’s a huge dining table with a silver platter And when they lift the lid there’s a human head on it.

    2. This old woman(mabey the devil)turns into this old woman to lure this young man

  41. anime dreamer

    Upstairs where she does or tries to have sex with him and then I remember her turning back into and old woman and she bit his dick off and threw it across the room.
    E. At the end this little girl walks outside the house mabey with her mom and as the movie fades out u see her eyes turn red.

    Please help me its driving me crazy trying to remember this movie

  42. I am looking for the movie title
    I remember that a few people are hiding out en where safe from demons because of a drup of blood or salt.
    And these people most resist temptation from does demons.
    I the end the hero dies and a girl takes he’s pleas.
    And she steps in to a bus and les a drop of blood or salt and at the next stop a person want to get in de bus but skips the ride

    Someone got a idea what I mean ???

  43. I was really young when I saw this movie. It is sort of zombie or demon movie. Two girls (one is black other white) went to some gallery show. Black lady got scratch from some mask and later on she becomes contagious-zombie like, and she’s spreding it very fast. I remember empty streets like in 28 days later. It is an old film from ’80 / ’90. Anyone? ring a bell? Thank you very much

  44. The Black Saint

    @Ivana – It sounds like you’re talking about Lamberto Bava’s “Demons” (!985).

  45. I’m looking for a horror movie where a group of peope are stuck ina house and they get killed off one by one and the house is preventing them from leaving and at some point they discover a door in the basement with my guess is the devil and they kill him with a crossed shape dagger… I also remember someone being able to get out of the house froma window and thinking he made it out but then the groud swallows him… I think at the end the house vanishes too… Not too sure…

    • I’m looking for a movie similar to that, too! I was very young when I watched it. I think there was a portal to hell in the basement, and demons actually came out…

    • Movie is called “The Evil” 1978

  46. Please help, im looking for a movie that i only saw a part of when i was younger.

    think its about the devil and his wife who move into an apartment and she seduces the married man next door but i think shes drawing power from him because his wife leaves him and she just keeps wanting to have sex with him. i think he tries to set her on fire at one point.

    i think she can turn into a cat
    i remember a scene where theyre at it and he dosent know that her husband is watching in the background.

    its been driving me mad for years, please anyone help!!

  47. Hi, Im looking for a movie that i saw when i was younger. I cant remeber much of it, but it think the movies from late 90’s or early 00’s..

    The only scene i really remember is that a woman is in bed with a man that she in love with or together with and she notices that he’s scarred or have “fresh” wounds on his back and wonders where they come from but really gets no answer. And i remember (don’t know if its from the same scene) that a wardrobe starts shaking like somethings in it.

    I believe that this man was sort of a man that the devils created or something like that? And thats why he had all of these marks om his back, not sure though.

  48. Hi I’m looking for a title for a movie.all I can remember is that there is a guy walking around and looking at people that are normal from the outside but he sees all kinds of different things in people like demons.there is one part where he lloks at a coop and says not him too.any help please

  49. Looking for the title to a film I saw in the theater in 76 or 77, MAYBE 78 where the devil (I think in the form of a snake) inhabits one or more folks altering their behavior. Two brothers are involved and one kills the other due to the devil inciting their lusts. I think a boarding school is involved as well. It may have all involved the setting of the school. I was pretty sure it had Devil in the name of the film but in all my searches I haven’t come upon it.

  50. Yeah,Like Thats gonna happen

    I can’t think of the name of this movie but I remember it started with a boy. He was wrapped in flames or something and over time became a really bad omen kid who became a national leader or something. There’s also this part where he shakes the hand of another leader and that leader immediately becomes ill and dies, I think of a heart attack. Towards the end as he reveals himself as satan or a son of satan( he flesh likes rips off or something) then theres a war on earth between angels and demons. There’s also this random war-hero like human guy. Anyways, in the end the demons are defeated by beams of light that cause them to explode or something.

    • Sounds like Omen 3 with Sam Neil…
      Been so many years since iv watched them!

    • ive been looking for this movies for almost 10+ years! ive searched google with a million different desprictions and your comment was the only thing the showed… after reading your question i was able to search it a little better and i found it!

  51. Ok this is a long shot but really want to find this movie, I remember only a few bits like this group getting wrongly accused of something and having to wait in a cafe, the cafe owners are evil and there is a man dressed as a priest who has sex with his girlfriend I think and remember him kissing her from her toes up?

  52. Kenneth mccoy

    Looking for this movie. I vaguely remember my parents watching it as I was a child and obviously they can’t remember. But from what I can think of, group of people being either lowered down or taking an elevator in what I can only imagine hell or some room with intertwined bodies flailing around.

  53. I’m looking for a movie from the 70’s about 2 young teenage girls go around the whole movie seducing men and at the end they set themselves on fire at a school or church play. Thanks!

  54. Can anyone remember a movie where a she-devil that can turn into a cat tries to seduce this guy for most of the movie… there’s a great scene where the two are sitting at a table and she asks him to put her hands on her legs…. at the end of the movie she turns back into a cat.

    • I think that’s called big cats or black cats it’s about a woman n a man from a cat tribe n when they get sexually aroused they turn into big black cats

      • No, the guy was a business exec happily married. A business guy… the couple moved in to an appt and this she devil lived across the hall I think.

    • I remember that movie I have it in storage… f what was it’s name….

  55. hi i saw this movie along time ago it was about a guy who i think is a artist and he meets this girl and she falls inlove with him well shes crazy so he breaks it off and he relizes hes in love his friend so they get together soon after that the guys ex stalks him and even puts snake eggs in his bed i might be wrong and the girlfriend might of been a artist its been along time since i saw this i saw it late night tv in the 90s also the crazy ex can turn into a gargoyle type of monster

  56. Hi I’m looking for a movie I saw as a kid mid 90s or earlier it’s about 2 young girls “sisters”and they come upon a boy who is either a fallen angel or the devil the actors are like 10 and 12 or maybe younger all I remember is I think the youngest one drowns and I believe they visit the boy in an old shack that’s in the river I remember real nice scenery but it was like 15 years ago so I’m not sure always wondered though

  57. Does anyone know of a movie where a guy learns he is supposed to be possessed by or become Satan on a certain day at a certain time (maybe related to his birthday)? I don’t really remember much about it except that he tries and tries to fight against it and ends up running away or something in his car at the end. He thinks he’s beaten it when the clock changes to the preordained time and he’s still him, but then a second or two later there’s a shift in his demeanor and you realize it happened as predicted, and the screen goes black (I think).

    • Still looking to figure this one out, if anyone has any possible suggestions.

      • Yeah I’m trying to figure this out too….I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. Another part that I remember is that his friends are all actually his demons or minions protecting him or watching over him, and I think there is also a scene where he is in his room and he moves the ceiling and finds a pentagram, not sure if it’s the same movie but I hope it helps

        • That sounds vaguely familiar, I think we’re thinking of the same movie. Wish I could recall more to figure out the title. :(

          • Do you kind of know the year it came out? I’m not sure if it’s late 90s or early 2000s. I think I’ll find it the hard way

    • this film is called lost souls made in 2000

  58. I went to the drive in with my grandmother. Somewhere between 68 and 76(she died in 76) the movie was about 2 couples and being terrorized by a demon/devil. At the end of the movie one of the girls who is dead and nude is being carried off by the devil in his claws as her friends talk on steps below.

  59. I used to watch a great movie (comedy/thriller) about 2 guys who do a trip and they meet this beautiful hot girl. But at the end of the movie, that hot girl turns out to be a psycho and a satanic worshiper.

    She set up those guys into her house full with some people that don’t have some parts of their body but they are still alive, thanks to the satanic ritual made by the hot girl. So the 2 guys that were set up by the girl will be killed and their body will be cut and given to the other “dead” people.

    Could you please tell me what movie is that?

  60. Ooops. yeah. I almost forgot. There’s also this monster who drives the truck and chase these 2 guys and the hot girl.

  61. Nevermind. I already knew the name of the movie. It’s Monster man. sorry to bother.

  62. Hello! I’ve been looking for a movie since the early 80’s. I know for a fact that it was made before 1984… possibly earlier than that. I’m thinking late 70’s early 80’s. Anyway, there are only 3 scenes that I remember. I’m assuming that a couple moves into a creepy old home? I may be wrong, but that’s what I’m thinking. First of all, I remember the husband leaving for work. The wife waves goodbye from the driveway. Not sure which part of the movie that is. Next, there is a scene where the wife is looking at herself in a mirror and slowly starts touching herself around her chest area. Her gown is split down the middle. Out of nowhere…you see a man come up behind her (in the mirror) and you see both of his hands reach around slowly to touch her in the same place. She freaks out and turns around…he disappears (it’s not a real man) A ghost or a demon. Last thing I remember is the same woman (the wife) is freaking out because out of nowhere.. all of these people are having a party around her (they’re from another time period) she’s on a long couch looking up at everyone in disbelief. Scary camera angles whipping around of their faces and everything. You can tell that she is experiencing a “ghostly party” Think they were laughing at her, too. Any ideas?

    • Wow, I can’t believe I found it! It is called The Nesting (1981) Sorry to bother you with such a long-winded question. I didn’t want you to waste your time looking for it. Thank you anyway :D I truly appreciate your site!

  63. i’m looking for a movie about a devil takes over a village and isolate it and then kidnaps a child in the end that’s all i remember please help

  64. Hi it’s me again, i wrote the comment just above looking for a movie about devil isolate a village and take a child with him at the end, i just want to add that this movie has two chapters, best wishes and thanks a lot in advance.

  65. Hey I’ve been looking for a movie about a teenage son goes into a crawlspace or something and finds something horrific (I just remember the look on his face, I’m not sure if they ever showed what he saw), but then like he stops talking to his family and his mom comes in his room and says they’re going to church and he’s facing out the window so she cant see him and he just ignores her and she leaves, then the camera comes around to face him and theres something crawling under his skin and you can see the family getting in the car and leaving out the window downstairs.. I think after that he’s laying in bed listening to music and his body becomes fully possessed I believe. I think shorty after he goes to see a priest and the priest thinks hes helped him so the boy goes home and then that night kills his whole family. I know its pretty generic, but if anyone has any ideas I’ll look into them. I’d appreciate it! Also, I think I saw it atleast ten years ago, so I’m not sure when I was made.

    • Oh, also! The end of the movie the police are arresting the son and the priest had a vision, or somehow knew the son was killing them and came over too late, and the son and priest like lock eyes… idk the priest looks horrified I think.. TIA

    • It’s called: Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

      Good movie. I have seen it 1 month ago.

  66. Hi! I am looking for the name of a movie I saw in my childhood from the late 80’s/early 90’s (maybe). The movie is about the devil that goes to a small town looking for children to steal. The devil looks like a man in a long black trench coat. I believe the townspeople hide in a church and put the children in caskets to keep them away from the devil. At the end of the movie the devil finds a young blonde boy to take, his parents become hysterical and the devil flies away with the little boy. That’s about all I can remember. Thanks for any help with the title of this movie!

  67. I dont remember the name of the movie. I remember the scene. in this story there is a devil which returns after every 70 years, in one scene there is school bus standing on the road in the midnight, suddenly devil comes n harms the students… could you please suggest me the name of this movie..
    Thanks :)

  68. I’m trying to find a british mini series I watched in the eighties about a priest that started growing wings when he did good things, then horns when he did bad things? Any help would be great!

  69. Heya, I am trying to find a movie I watched many years ago… It probably was an adult one although I am not completely sure. I remember quite a few parths though.

    The movie is about a group of girls finding a Ritual Book (probably to call Satan?). The book is written in latin and only one of the girls can deceipher it.
    They execute the ritual within a cave. At some point they offer water as a tribute to the demon lord.
    A bit before the completion of the ritual they are about to sacrifice a guy but something happens and one of the girls is accidentally entering the ritual circle so she is sacrifised and the devil emerges from within her, ripping her flesh apart.

    Rings any bells?

  70. Alana Nartker

    Im looking for a movie, I can’t really explain much. But this big shadow guy ends up controlling some farm horses, they have red eyes, to kill some of the people in the house. But the guy can’t go in the house because the house and some weird red mark or symbol on it?

    • Thats the movie i’ve been looking for and no one in facebook will help me and google won’t help me either :(

  71. i am looking for the title of the movie were the group of people is trying to survive by running to a demon. they chasing by it and the bus as far i remember is an open which the demon cannot get through because they pour the drop of blood of Jesus to protect them. as soon the blood drop into the door they scatter all over the edges of door. i think i watch that with my cousin when we are little and the year is about 1999-2000. please help me find the title of the movie so can watch it again.

  72. The Black Saint

    Alana, the movie you;re looking for is called “Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight”.

  73. Only a little to go on a exorcism movie that has a priest just turning up to help someone. It ends in him jumping into a swimming pool with the evil inside him but a door bangs at the other end of pool so you think he survived

  74. hi i cant remember this movie that this boy and a girl has acquired a telekinesis power from a tribe they got this power when this tribe help them from the accident and use this kind of magical liquid to heal them through this liquid they got a telekinisis. then they fight the prince of darkness using their power. the opening of this movie it has this pieces of gem that incarnate the prince of darkness(satan)

  75. Looking for a movie: a girl is pregnant out of wedlock (teenager? Catholic?) And her baby is a demon… Don’t remember much else but the last scene. The kid is like 7 or 8 now and he has dark hair and somehow causes this woman to get hit by a car but then this young blonde angel girl intervenes and saves the woman. Please help!

    • I think the movie you are talking about is “The Seventh Sign” (1988) with a young Demi Moore as the pregnant girl. I have watched it a couple of times in the past and I liked it very much.

      • Hi there! I’ve been looking for this movie for so long, but it isn’t “The Seventh Sign” (1988)with Demi Moore. Before the scene of the girl-angel and the boy-demon figthing for the destiny of a nun that was hitted by a car, I can remember two scenes:
        one scene: the pregnant woman tries to scape from a house (it seems she has been locked there while she is ready for the birth). So she tries to scape getting to the roof by a window. Black crows are everywhere following her, and trying to stop her from scaping. She felts to the ground.

        second scene: the woman has the child on a car, with some two other person, after being captured again. The baby is well born, but it seems like the mother didn’t survive the birth.

        PLEASE help me find this movie, I seen this in year 1995 or so, and I was too small to remember anymore.

    • Hello there rebecca. I saw the last part of the movie you have asked for and I’ve been looking for it’s name for so long. I would appreciatte very much if you can tell me if you found it. thanks!!

      • Berni, my mistake. I got confused with another “biblical” movie. :)

        The movie you and Rebecca are looking for is called Child of Darkness, Child of Light (tv movie 1991).

        Actress Sela Ward plays the character of Sister Anne. Brendan Fraser also appears in this movie.
        You can find the complete movie uploaded on YouTube by user Fak Fakk . At 1:22:00 (final part) you can see the scene where the little blonde girl saves the nun while the demon boy is the one that caused the accident.

    • The movie you are looking for is called Child of Darkness, Child of Light I have this movie and it is so good

  76. I’m looking for a movie in the bbeginning this girl open up a treasure chest and it was full of snakes and later in the movie she’s being chased my this man whose an demon and she comes to this house and the lady does voodoo and when she come to the house the man can’t come in the house because it’s cross with red salt I think|

  77. I’m looking after a movie from the 90′. Maybe in the end of the 90′. The story is about 5 or 6 people visiting a old hospital or a old hotel and being looked in. Windows and doors are totaly closed after a while. In the cellar there are many ghost being doctors who doing horrible things. And I’m also imagine that they could be filmed in their rooms or something by that person who brought them to this house.. I’m dying to know.

  78. I am searching for a film which i cant remember the title. A whiteman killed his wife,child and a black male in a motel because he saw his wife having sex with the black male who works at the motel. the house became a haunted house.

  79. Hey,
    I’m looking for a movie, in the 2000’s. I don’t remember the synopsis very well, but it was about a woman who is trying to run away from her husband, who is part of a satanic clan. Anybody that tries to help her gets killed. In one part she is going in the subway and sees a friend sitting down, as she approaches him he does not respond. Then she moves him and he has been slit into pieces. Please help with the tittle.

  80. I’ve been searching in vain for this one. It had to be late 70s/early 80s, and it was shot on what seemed like video vs. film. I saw it on TV. Essentially, there is a satanic cult that occurs either next door or in the basement, and a young girl is involved (and possibly her mother). It’s run by “the devil incarnate,” who is a charismatic young man. I think somehow the mother breaks out of it, banishes the devil away but what I CLEARLY remember is the end of the movie, when you think it’s all safe now, and the girl is on a swing in her front yard in autumn. The young man is now posing as a college kid looking for room and board and the mother welcomes him in (I guess they all forgot what he looked like??) but the daughter has a look on her face like she vaguely remembers he’s the bad guy. You’re supposed to be left thinking, “It’s starting all over again.” CANNOT FIND THIS CHEESY GEM ANYWHERE? Anyone??

  81. Hi,
    I am searching for the name of a movie, I watched it in the late 80’s early 90’s.
    What I remember is a couple driving and they pass a tree where there is a nest and the eggs inside are filled with worms.
    Then they are in a house fighting the devil, I want to say the devil was trying to talk the guy into something. At one point the devil comes up through the floorboards.
    In my mind he was red but please don’t say this was the Legend because it’s not even close.
    Thank you!!
    Oh I also believe it has a one word title, I remember liking the word when I was a kid :/ if only I had written it down somewhere.

    • I think it is the same movie that im trying to find.

      They go to this farm. I think the name is the Carter Place. And some friends join them. Also the house is protected by magic or something. And the beginning of the movie starts with a song, Are you washed in the blood or something like that. And at the end of the movie they (the couple from the beginning) stop back at this diner or something and get this woman that turned into a demon. WHAT IS THE NAME?

  82. I’m looking for a film my sister use to have on vhs but can’t remember all of it, there’s a demon unleashed every time someone listens to this certain tape and the demon/monster kills them, theres a girl in the back of a limo 1980’s

  83. Hi,
    I’m looking for a movie maybe from the late 80s or early 90s about an old woman with white hair who lives in a big White House and has a black cat and at night turns into a black cat. She is paralyzed and things start happening and this girl that lives there is starting to suspect that the old lady is involved some way or some how but she is paralyzed so she ends up coming to the conclusion that she turns into her black cat….anybody know the name of this movie. I’m dying to know the name! Please help! Thank you!

  84. Hi looking for a movie all i can remember is satan was in human form and had a bag of beads which he handed out to parents and whoever got the black or red beads he had to take there child?

  85. Hello, I’ve been trying to remember the name of a film, I think made for TV. Where a girl is supposed to marry (I think), the devil at the end. And when he appears all the mirrors crack. I think this was how it ended. 1970’s. Very scary, but then I was a little kid at the time. Any help would be great. Thank You.

  86. Hey, going mental trying to remember the title of this movie.

    It’s about a man who tries to transfer his soul. He transfered himself into an old woman and at the ending of the movie into a little girl who gets kidnapped by his cult. The characters possessed by this man who wants to live forever do this distinct finger twitching where each finger touches the thumb in like a counting motion.

    The man searching for the kidnapped girl gets tied to a table with his blood being drained. And the other thing I remember is the old woman was some sort of retired professor in an old folks home that the blood drained man had visited earlier in the movie plot for questioning.

    Any help would be amazing

  87. ZombieMovieLovers

    Hello. I would like to ask anyone about this one zombie movie ( for sure I couldn’t remember the title ) where there was a scene of a group of people ( perhaps teens ) trapped in a lift. The lift was in an abandoned hospital. Then I remembered that one part of the movie where the lift was heading to the basement floor. The teens were trying to escape from the hospital through the basement but as they approached there, a lot of zombies had been there. And this was the last part I could tell, that the lift was overloaded and one of the people there had no choice so he pushed a woman out of the lift. That’s all. I would have been wanted to watch the movie for years, and I appreciate anyone who would like to help me. ^_^ I’m waiting for the replies, hope so. Thanks :)

  88. Imtrying to think of this really good movie ware the dad is a minister and he lives in the woods with his family than he crucifies all of his kids but the baby was put in the basement and latter found and raised by his moms sisterwhen he turns 18 he gets a letter saying that the old hhouseis his and tthey freaky sh*t starts to happen

  89. Hi,
    I am looking for the name of a movie that involves a woman aging in her mirror. But she doesn’t age physically. The mirror is in her bedroom but she hates seeing herself getting older and older. In the end she breaks the mirror and she suddenly gets old.
    I was younger and this was probably 21 years ago. I can’t even remember the whole movie but I just remember the woman aging in the mirror only.

  90. Help with the name of a 90’s horror film.

    Hi everyone, I come asking for your help because I want to know the name of a horror film that I’ve been searching for almost three years and that nobody seems to know about. I believe that this movie was from someplace in Eastern or Central Europe, as it wasn’t spoken in English or in Spanish (my first language). I also believe that it was filmed by the end of the 90s, and I watched it in 2000 or 2001. The film seemed to be of high budget, unlike most of the 90’s horror films with cheap special effects and photography (“Full Moon Features” movies-like), in general it seemed grim and with faint/dim light.
    The story took place in some European city in the present day –or should I say the past, in the 90s–and the plot was about witchery and demonic beings. One of the main characters was a tall Caucasian man with knowledge of such kind, and it was a good guy.
    There are only two scenes that I can recall from the film; I saw neither the beginning nor the ending of the whole movie. The first scene that I remember consisted of two situations taking place at the same time: In the first situation there was a woman with blonde and short hair, who was likely the protagonist’s girlfriend, resting and taking a shower in a white tub; then, some kind of black mist started surrounding her very slowly, without her noticing this. After that, the camera changed to show us the main male character (the guy with knowledge of witches and demons), who was in the library doing some kind of research about Demonology. Then, he walked to the librarian –an unkempt and grim old man– to ask him for his phone so he could call a friend, but the librarian answered him in a rude way that he would not lend him his phone. However, because the good guy insists, the librarian has to angrily agree. Then, as the good guy spoke on the phone with his friend, there was a book about demons open on the table near the librarian, and he told his friend about an old lithograph about misty and dark demons covering the body of a woman, just exactly as it was happening with the girl from the other situation/scene. Also, while he was telling all this to his friend, the librarian looked at him in a mockingly way and started smiling grimly but without making any noise. Maybe he had something to do with the antagonists of the film.
    In the other scene that I can remember the protagonist and his friend (the guy to whom he spoke in the phone) were in a car going to a scary old house where the demons and witches lived, who looked like young white women with dark hair and who were also wearing old black clothes. After that I don’t remember exactly what happened but the protagonist’s friend stayed in the car, whereas the main guy decided to get into the house, but not before standing in front of a tall black gate with pentagrams on it; he had to rub with his hands those pentagrams in order to open the gate. Meanwhile, the other guy was still in the car trying to put a small crucifix inside a jar of holy water, which he managed to do so well that got the crucifix stuck into the jar. Then, as he tried to put the crucifix out, some kind of demon with the looks of a pale man and white eyes appeared behind the car, walking slowly towards it; nevertheless, the guy with the crucifix didn’t notice him.
    And that’s basically what I remember.
    It is also worth mentioning that this movie is not any of the following:

    •Constantine (2005)
    •The Craft (1996)
    •The Order (2003)
    •The Ninth Gate (1999)
    •End of Days (1999)
    •Superstition (1982)
    •Warlock (1989)
    •I, Madman (1989)
    •Listopad (1992)
    •Necronomicon (1993)
    •La Setta (1991)

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for your time and (hopefully) your answers!

  91. Hello, I’ve been trying to find this movie for years. I watched it when I was young so I really don’t remember a lot of details. I believe it was from the 80’s or 90’s idk.. Anyways there’s a couple of scenes I remember. One is where there’s a character that has a round shaped head sort of like a banana. Another scene is a kid burning in the light and the mom is trying to tell this guy to get the kid out of the daylight. Another scene is where a naked girl kills a police cop at a police station. And last one I remember is the main character I think gets shot several times and take the bullets out of him and he’s fine. It’s sort of a horror movie.

  92. I’m looking for a movie is pretty old and my memory of it is pretty vague. All I know is it was a lady that worshiped a small statue that blood ran out of, I’m assuming she was a demon. She meets this guy who has a daughter, when her and the guy gets together they end up having sex n the demon woman is on top of the man and he seems to be in a Trans or something when the daughter walks in and she runs out, then the father tries to stop her the woman tries too stop him n continue hvn sex….when the woman finds the daughter she tries to put some kind of demon down her throat …..at the end they end up stopping her some way I think by breaking the small duck looking statue.

  93. I’m looking for an older movie in which a young man has to go some trials from the devil or something. I remember the devil just being a man with a red beard. Everytime the young solved a riddle or trial from the devil, the devil would get one grey hair.

    One of the trails was to name various names for the devil, and the young man heard these names somewhere from a pet from a person in a tent.

    Sorry for the vague description. I saw this movie once as a child years ago and I wonder how the movie ends.

  94. Looking for this movie… Could possibly have Moon in the title but not positive. Could also be an English movie as well. All I can remember is a cult of women lined in rows according to their different colored robes. They all had a rope that ran down their lines so they could hang one of their members because she was pregnant. After they all pulled quite harshly, they turned to the man and beat him so badly his head fell off!
    Insane scene and have tried for years to find it! Please if you have any incite to this movie I would love to know!!! Thank you!!!

  95. Can anybody help Plz?
    I’ve been looking low and high for these two movies. I don’t remember the title.

    The 1st one: telling a story of a small family (Husband, Wife, and a daughter and a little brother of the daughter). They came to pay a short visit to a castle located kind of secluded from the urban. There lives a male demon whose shape is naked. This demon is believed to die at the age of 16-17 years old. And he, the demon, loves to eat women’s breast. My memories of the movie are still kind of clear. At the end, the demon successfully ate another sex-addicted female’s breast. He chased the family to the roof, and He fell from there to the ground and later was shot, I believed, but not too sure.

    The 2nd movie: Telling a story of a group of guys and girls coming together at the house which is believed to be the gate of hell. The movie runs through a lot of adult scenes. The 1st couples had an intense intercourse in bed. Another girl was taking a shower alone, somebody or something has been watching them. They met someone at the house, telling them a secret about the demons, something hideous and the book or the symbol to open the door to hell. this movie is not old, I watched it around 2002-2004.

    Thank you so much.

  96. I’m looking for a movie (late 70s/early 80s) I watched as a child. It’s about a family with two teenage daughters (one virginal blonde, one naughty brunette) and, I think, a younger son. The family buys or rents a house with a lake. I remember the son or maybe one of the daughters swimming at the lake when someone or something grabs them, but they are able to get to safety.
    At the end of the movie there is this priest (blond hair) that tries to get the girls out of the house. He gets the blonde one into his car and goes back for her sister, but it’s too late as she is possessed. When he comes back to the car the blonde girl is dead. Then, somehow he gets into the lake and almost drowns there. He gets to the shore and when you think he’s safe something grabs him and drags him back to the lake, End.

    Any ideas? ^^

  97. Old horror – 80’s – 70’s & even Hitch

  98. i am looking for this movie but i have come across NO ONE who knows it at all…. im starting to think i must have been crazy as a child as i was only really young.. All i remember about it is a pregnant woman and her man go out to a house on a property with an older lady (i think mother in law maybe?) the the pregnant lady starts to realizes something is up and when she is lying in bed one night, the older lady clibs the ouside wall up to her window and this pink skin tube thing comes out of her mouth into the window and up under the sheets towards the preggo ladies vag to suck the baby out, but the preggo woman wakes up and sees it.. she grabs the skin tube and runs to the window and slams it shut on it. then fast forward the ending.. i think it is the big burly female house keeper or something ends up killing the lady or the pregnant woman and taking the baby, then it fast forwards four years or something and it shows the maid lady standing at the door watching while the little girl is praying by her bed, the little girl finishes praying then opens her eyes and they have an “evil” glow. PLEASE HELP I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THIS MOVIE FOR OVER 12 YEARS

  99. I’m looking for a movie that i watch but did not finish, in the early 90s or mid 90s. All i can remember was that a young women early 20s went into a rest room in a old house and a snake crawls up her legs in to her skirt. I think she tried to run out of the rest room but she could not open the door. i think a party was going on in the house not sure if the house was haunted or what.

  100. I’m looking for a movie title. Could be from early 80s to 90s. There’s a scene where the mother is sitting on a chair watching her two sons play cards. One son is the devil. When the devil son seems to be losing against the good son he scratches him. The mom carries like a little drummer toy. The devil son later tries to kill the mom when he is older.

  101. Looking for a movie title, I’n this movie a werewolf/ monster with red glowing eyes take a little boy out of a vehical and runs into the woods,also the monster is working with a crazy priest which he later kills. In another scene,it walks into a church. I don’t rember much after that.

  102. I watched this movie about 10 years ago on TBS. All I can remember is a young girl dating this guy and he ends up being the devil and her father was an Angel or something and he’s trying to save her from this guy. At the end they’re in like this weird playground/fair/arcade looking place and the Angel ends up beating the devil or evil out of this guy.

  103. Trying to figure a movie out. Only know what I seen in a gif. It appears to be two friends (both guys) sitting in a vehicle. One guy turns away as if he is hiding his face, when he turns back to his friend he has the face of a demon and starts to attack his friend. That’s all I could get from it. Any help would be appreciated!!

  104. I’m looking for the title of a movie and have for a long time, saw it when I was little. It was about the devil coming and taking everyone’s first born and then flying away in the sky with them and at the end of the movie, the main character dad sees the “devil” and his son walking out of a store and his son looks Gothic.. Please help, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years!!

    • The Black Saint

      This is “Storm Of The Century” Sarah. It was a 2 part made for TV movie based on the Stephen King novel.

  105. Hi… I also looking for the movie that I already forgot the name… I think it is around 1990-2003… I dont know… But i quite remember the main scenes of the movie…
    First, the was a demon/zombie/cannibal try to reach their hand with some kind of steel or crowbar to grab the sleeping baby but was stopped by two lady which is one of them might be the baby’s mother i dont know… Instead of baby, the ghoul grab the nearest lady and drag her to the hole and eat her alive…
    Second, i remember that the ghoul keep killing one after another group of family/friends maybe in one house which is everyone is trapped…
    Third is the last scenes, there is a golds and treasure in basement of the house with full of ghouls also when the ghouls eat the main human antagonist and chased the hero and one woman… Maybe a pregnant woman… Before they burn the house…
    Any idea what movie this might be?

  106. i love this

  107. i am looking for a movie cant
    remember much but it was about this girl that everything that happen to Jesus when he was being crucified was happening to her….

  108. Hi, Im looking for a horror/thriller movie, Im not sure about the details, but its about a group of people stucked i a hotel/motel who gets killed by vampyres( I think). The movie ends with a man who managed to escape and takes the bus.

  109. Hi, I am looking for the movie title of this clip…
    Anyone remember it?

  110. So I cannot think of the movie but remember pieces of it. There was a family who I think hired a nanny. The nanny took care of the baby and there was an older child. I remember a Rottweiler barking at the older child. The older child was holding the baby and there was the mark of the devil on the baby’s palm.

  111. I cant remeber two movies pls help.it has been driving me crazy.
    1:all i can remebres is that a devil and a little girl are standing on the roof of some big building in the city and the devil tells little girlt to jump that the angels will catch her.And she answers him u jump first! and i cant remeber the rest.
    2:all i sow was a trailer of this movie and it is about some people being in the forrest and they found some box,it appears to be from devil.and they are suddently being hunted by him.they hide in some house in the wood that appears to be some holly ground i think so the devil cant get in.and all i know after is that he is trying to push them out and kill them.
    pls help and sorry for my bad english

  112. I’m looking for a movie about(I think it’s a mini-series) about this guy(maybe it’s Anthony Hopkins) who comes into this town where there is a blizzard, I guess, and I think he is Satan who wants to take a kid from that town to be his next heir. He chooses 10 parents with kids and gives each parent a stone and who ever get the black stone that kid is taken. Then, years pass by and mother is still looking for her son and he then sees a young guy that looks like her son and she realizes that it’s him but he’s not alone he’s with the guy that took him away and “satan” looks old. How someone help me please?! Don’t know if it’s a Stephen King film.

    • Are You Washed in the Blood?

      Stephen King’s Storm of the Century (1999) TV Mini-Series 2 part series

  113. Looking for a movie about five friends go move into a church and one of the friends is a girl and she’s pregnant they all end up getting possessed and basically all die and the pregnant lady cut her baby out of her stomach but two of the five live and escape and the movie ends with the two driving into a quarantined town and they set the camera down and walk away from there car and then you see a weird sickly man walking after them but they don’t notice and that’s it oh gosh help I can’t find the name of this movie anywhere not sure if it ha the word devil in the title thank u

  114. Hi All! I’m looking for this movie I saw when I was younger. It’s about I believe is a demon who
    is making Satan out of Clay made of Blood. Right when Satan is coming to life he is killed by a
    Ring of Fire. Can anyone help Please!

  115. Are You Washed in the Blood?

    I’m looking for a horror demonic movie I can’t remember much saw it years ago in Spanish don’t know what language it is originally movie is about a guy dies reaches his friend through his friends tv set through static tell his friend there is a demon coming to kill him the demon chases after him and there is a scene where the demon posses a guy that kinda looks like fez from that 70s show and a safe or piano or something heavy falls on him killing him and That’s somewhat all I remember


  116. I’m looking for a movie . I remember watching it on vhs
    80 ‘ s or early 90 ‘ s . It was like a devil film about a girl who gave birth to a man . There was a scene where a man was crucified in an inverted cross n also loads of dead birds

  117. I am looking for a movie that starts with a knife being found and the person who found it becomes possessed by the devil.

  118. Im looking for a movie or t.v. show i think its kinda old its about the devil and hes trapped in this glass ball thing and whoever has it dies. The next person is a woman who is with a man in a wheelchair and she somehow gets the ball. And the devil seduces her away from the guy in the wheelchair. And the devil falls in love with her and later reveals himself. Sometime later the wheelchair guy saves her but ends up killing himslef in the process

  119. I need the name of this one: some girls go to an old abandoned house to make rituals to college sisterhood, and there’ one black, one brunette and one blonde. They even eat egg yolks, but there’s some demon in the house, and he possesses the blonde one. She dies, and the ambulance takes the other two to the hospital, but we can see the black one is possessed in the end…

  120. I am looking for the name of a movie I saw once in my life, back in the 1980s on HBO. All that I can recall is that at the end, the Devil bursts through the floor of the house and snatches a young woman down the hole he just made to Hell. It was one of the first horror movies I had ever seen and still sticks with me to this day. It is the only scene I can recall. I remember no actors names.

  121. dos anybody knows the movie when a antichrist is a young student and when he knows want to kill himself,and his friend says that is imposible and both seat in car with gun in the hand and wait midnigth.than antichrist kill the friend when clock on the radio shows 00:00

  122. Do you know about a film in witch there is a house near the forest and anything buried in the forest come back to life possessed.
    A family moves in and there cat dies So they bury it in the forest and it comes back to life then there three years old son dies and comes back to life after burial???

  123. Hey, guys. Give me a hand here, if you would. I have this vague recollection of a movie about a group of teenagers (aprox. 10-30 of them) who go to a school for Wizards. Their mentor warns them not to summon a demon, but one night after what I believe was a party, they decide to, and unleash a massive quantity (1,000 or so) of them from an underground cavern.

    • Husband driving me crazy

      Help me…… A very old movie possibly in the 1950’s … Title something like The devil takes a holiday….
      The devil in disguise as a nice gentleman and the woman falls in love with him and he eventually has to leave … Sorry but that’s all he can remember ….

  124. Lacuna Perpetual

    Hi, I’m looking for a movie that I’m very sure is about Satanic worship and ritual. I think I can’t remember it because I put it out of my mind I was so disturbed. I want to say it is from the 60s or 70s and Italian. The scene that burned my retina was of a female character being made to perform oral sex on a female goat. Sorry. If anyone has any idea, would appreciate if you let me know. I would like to avoid this director in the future. Thanks. bittergoil@yahoo.com

  125. looking for a movie where a group of people go to an abandoned farm house where only one wall is standing but when they look in the door they see the whole house with pictures on the wall and everything, also has an upstairs and a downstairs. once it turns dark demons come out and they become trapped. At the very beginning of the movie Are You Washed in the Blood is playing.

  126. I’m looking for a title of a Netflix movie..saw the first 10 minutes and for forgot to save it. The movie starts with a priest over this naked lady in a church doing some kind of ritual on her stomach, next part is the lady is having the baby.The baby came out and killed the doctor and the nurse…movie seemed good, at least what I saw. I’ve been searching for this movie for months. Please can anyone help me and tell me the name of this movie on Netflix.

  127. an excellent XXX movie (recommended) is the one entitled “Hannah Goes To Hell” featuring Hannah Harper. It should still be avail. (CD Universe would be a great start!)

  128. I’m looking for the name of this movie, definitely from the 70’s. I saw a trailer for it when I rented Axe, another 70’s horror movie. what I can recollect from the trailer is that it started out in a mansion where people would go into this room where this old dude was sitting. The old guy looks scary as sh*t and he had this weird blue/green light shining on him. He has this chest and it like teleported these people into weird dimensions or something. Anyone know this one?

  129. I’m looking for a movie : A police officer stole a little a capture from a murder scene. One day on his way back home, he picked up a hooker and sexes with her in a hotel room. When he back home, his daughter already went to bed and his wife waited him. But he refused to sex with wife. The next day he got a phone called the same hotel room he had sex the hooker got killed. He went to the crime scene , the hooker was killed very nasty in the bathroom. His partner found his lighter in that room but helped him kept the secret. Then weird things happen, his wife and kids got kidnap by devil. He has to follow the instructions to save them back. … I at the end he got a chance to see who is the devil, and he saw himself. The last scene was he felt guilty of everything , he got a chance to start over . Then he sit in the office, the phone ring, his co worker told him there is a hooker killed in a hotel room….. Everything start over

  130. Im looking for a movie where a few people or a group of people go to an abandoned building, or hospital where they take the elevator, and it takes them only to the 13th floor. from there they start getting attacked from evil spirits i beleive. they have to make it down all 13th floors to saftey.

  131. Looking for a move where a demon is attacked by a human, and it falls apart into pieces that turn into many small demons that run away.

  132. Constantine

  133. Looking for a movie that for came out before 2000 a scene that really stood out is a girl being kidnapped by these demons disguised as cops . They give her a box of “donuts” in the car but inside are maggots and stuff after which she screams, they laugh (possibly change form)and drive off. They take her somewhere and kill her by throwing playing cards which impale her face and body. Then another scene a woman(likely the leading lady) is chained to a wall and being harassed/tortured. She might have been pregnant and they wanted her baby because I would swear I remember something about baby booties and there was some biblical aspects.

  134. can someone help me find a movie i once saw it was not in english but it was subtitled.i believe it was called field trip to hess horror park or something close that but i can never find it.its about this boy whom believes he turns into a wolf when he gets really mad that his mom died in a cemetery carrying him and he wound up being left their and found,he then is in class one day and an author comes to tell them a story and he tells this young boys story to an exactness and explains i want you guys to write your own story and bring in in at the end of the week to read allowed now remember don’t read it out loud or something like that by your window with it cracked and don’t say his name three times or he will come to read your story if he does he can and will make it come true if you tell him too it was the devil of course but they called him it in another language.but of course the boy does and he makes his come true which means his bully will die,so he then soon after tries to stop the devil at some place their going to on a field trip and the devil takes the girl he likes as well.

  135. okay this was a tv series I believe in the 90s early 2000 latest adn was called I think st or saint something [hospital name] set back east the hospital is old and haunted and there is a woman that is giving birth and dies and the baby dies the father is inconsolable and a “man” comes to him in the chapel and makes a deal with him for the baby to live then a clawed finger reaches out and touches the baby and its alive again like the antichrist. there are other things going on but it is all surrounding the hospital it fast forwards in this story with the boy older the father catching fire and the boys girlfriend dying in an elevator shaft but just with that one story line then it goes back to more real time for other stories. I only saw a few episodes but it looked good

  136. I saw a movie in year mid 90’s the movie that has witchcraft/demon with telekinesis power..

    1.) I remembered the scene when the antagonist turns a person a critter and pulls the tongue out for fun.. the critter looks like a vase with eyes of the person.

    2.) Another is a protagonist turns out to be has psychic powers and the climax of their battle is thru telekinesis where the knife is floating and controlled by their telekinesis. The protagonist is trying to save her girlfriend which the girl is chained on the front of the car with the headlights on and its raining.. thank you so much.. i appreciate if you can answer my question..


  137. I’m hunting a film that is a western, where the villain is El Diablo (the Devil). He has supernatural power.Diablo appeared as a cowboy, and as a tornado, and a monster at different times. The Devil was causing major mayhem in a western town and frontier (I think he may have killed almost everyone). I also remember he had something weird going on with his eyes (blacked out maybe).

    I woke to the movie already playing on tv (Night Owl Theater in Columbus, O.) years ago. I thought the name was El Diablo, but I can’t find it by that. Anyway, the movie was great (what I saw), but I have never been able to find it since …

  138. I’ve been looking for a certain movie for years. I think the movie is from the 80s, or early 90s and has Satan or demonic forces in it. In one of the scenes, there is a magician giving a show to a very large crowd in a stadium. He is lying shackled to a table with knives above him. The magician tries to unshackle himself from the table using a key in his hand before the knives fall down and impale him, but he fails. The audience is shocked and doesn’t know what to do and some people leave.

    Anyone know what movie this scene is from? I think the magician made a deal with the devil or something because he comes back to life later on.


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