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Unexplained Confidential: SPPI

Today we are talking about ghosts with Rhonda from Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigation. As you will read in this interview, she is not only an investigator but she and her family have experienced a very real haunting in her own home. Grab the popcorn and have a good read, just don’t get too spooked.

Mike Joy: How did you get started with Paranormal Investigations?

Rhonda: Back years ago, in the early 90’s, I moved into a haunted house with my husband. There were two children that played upstairs that you could hear. They would roll marbles down the stairs, when you flung open the stairway door, no one was there…and no marbles.

There was a man in the kitchen. He would slam the door late at night and cuss up a storm. One day I walked in the kitchen and stepped around him. It then hit me, I was home alone! It freaked me out for a few moments, but these entities were never mean. I believe the man was residual. The kids were not. When I had my daughter I was concerned that they were making too much noise. I yelled up the staircase for them to be quiet and I never heard them again.

After my divorce my daughter would come home from that house with horror stories of her toys playing by themselves. She did not know of my experiences.

I watched Sylvia Brown alot and my best friend Nancy was into her as well. We decided to try ghost hunting on our own.

We were so brave. With our voice recorders and two other friends, we went graveyarding, at 10AM. At a little graveyard called Thirteen graves we were shook up by the electronic door on the van. It opened and closed by itself. In broad daylight this happened. We got in and left.

The Jay County Conservation Club has a graveyard on it. This is where Cinderella is buried. The graveyard sprung up when a plague went through Indiana. At this cemetery at 3:45 in the afternoon we caught a mist next to me. You can see the sun shining through it.

Nancy and I did this off and on for several years, till we met Jill.

Nancy’s daughter, my daughter and Jill’s daughter were all in 4H Horse and Pony. We got to know each other and decided to go graveyarding. We came home with some awesome EVP’s!

When other people heard about it they wanted to go as well. From this, Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations was born in early 2009.

Mike Joy: How many cases have you investigated?

Rhonda: We have had calls from all over the US to investigate. We have had to turn down quite a few and pass them to compitent investigations in thier area.

I believe we have worked over a dozen private cases. Each weekend we plan something to keep our skills up and to train new investigators. The home where I am currently living is a “10” on the haunted scale. We don’t have to leave home to investigate! Figure every weekend we are investigating, one way or another.

Mike Joy: How many times would you say you’ve been able to find real paranormal evidence?

Rhonda: I have to laugh at this question. We have had an 80% finding rate. A couple of our members are psychic in the way that they are ghost magnets. They seem to breach the veil between the living and dead. We use Medium Joanne Brown from England when there is an entity to cross over or if we need psychic help. We also confer with Lauren Coniglio Dolencie and for demonic areas we have Stacie Short. These girls are the best.

Our last investigation had an entity using the divining rods and the K2 at the same time. When asked to use them seperately she did.

At a local cemetery an entity attempted to attach to me. She would “back talk” me when I told her she couldn’t come with me. She had lit up the K2 while we were saying the Lord’s Prayer, along with the rythem of the prayer. As if the K2 was a voice monitor registering a voice going up and down. When we got to the vehicle she was still with us. I told her she had to stay and she lit up the K2 one light at a time in random order. If you are familiar with the K2, it cannot light up in random order nor one light at a time.We finally got her to let go. Janet took the K2 and told the entity to follow her. She had a “Mom” talk with the child entity and we were able to leave.

At a place called the Randolph County Infirmary, we had a small metal nut thrown at us. This was caught on video. Our second investigation there was a little more active. Julie, one of our newer investigators, had an admirer that would slam the door and scare her. The K2 would then go red. There were five witnesses to this entity playing with Julie. One video on You Tube is of that incedent.

So we have had a lot of evidence come our way. Lady Luck, or her ghost, has been good to us.

Mike Joy: What are you feelings about the Ghost Hunting television boom in recent years?

Rhonda: I have to appreciate it for getting our group started. If not for the TV shows, I wouldn’t have any investigators.

It also made more gadgets available to groups that can afford them.

I don’t like it because it made everyone want to do it. It brought down the respectability by flooding the market. Rival groups began setting up false investigation, and sabotaging other groups. We, our group, has been duped by a local group. We moved our investigations out of Portland to Redkey because of it. We wanted no affiliation with this unethical group.

Our group believes in honesty, integrity, and ethics. We have background checks done on our investigators to show our solid, clean, respectability. If an investigator has a criminal background they are dismissed. We will not tolerate someone bringing down our respectability. Yes, we have very strict guidlines. Members of the Muncie Police Department has had us do investigations for them.

These new groups that have sprung up do not follow these good attributes. They tresspass, deface, trash, steal, badmouth good groups, break copyright laws, and any number of criminal and unethical things.

By having these shows in everyone’s homes, it made the looney’s believe they were haunted, made unscrupulous people want their homes investigated for the attention or gain, and made it a mockery.

Mike Joy: What do you usually take with you on an investigation and how long does a normal investigation last?

Rhonda: We have aproximately 20 members in Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations.

We only have seven investigators that are able to go into a private home. Not all of them show up for private investigations. Each of our members have thier own equipment. At any time we have digital cameras, voice recorders, divining rods, EMF detectors, K2 detectors, IR video cameras, hand held video cameras, toys, Irish wind chimes, DVR’s and computers

I myself use a video cam, digital camera and carry a lantern along with flashlight. We have found that you dont have to be in the dark to capture an entity on camera or film.

Mike Joy: What are your feeling on movies like Paranormal Activity?

Rhonda: It floods the market with wannabes and looneys. It also makes the people who need help not want it. They don’t want to take chances of having these Hollywood creations in their home. Special effects in those movies can cancel an investigation and put a homeowner in fear.

Mike Joy: Has anything ever scared you while on an investigation?

Rhonda: Yes. Again I have to laugh, I am a chicken. I have been afraid of the dark since I was a little kid. It sounds funny to say that. You would think I would be the bravest of the group being one of the Three founders.

Being afraid of the dark has made me more aware. I notice sounds and moving things that others don’t detect.

Just the other night I broke a cardinal rule of our investigators. I was talking to an entity at his headstone, when a bird flew out of the tree just above my head. I screamed, took a couple giant steps, ducked and covered. It was hilarious!

The scareiest thing to happen was a growl and a few minutes later a BOOM! This boom was like someone hitting a 55 gallon barrel with a sledge hammer. We gathered up our equipment and left. This was not a private home but a practice. We used it for discussion and we obtained some very good footage of K2 and caught the boom on video. That night produced some awesome mists in pictures.

Mike Joy: What was your most interesting investigation?

Rhonda: The most interesting, well, I am not sure. All of our investigations are unique and interesting. Our favorite place is the Randolph County Infirmary, when we are able to go in.

Mike Joy: Where are you located and how can something get in touch with you if they need your services?

Rhonda: We are located in Redkey Indiana. We cater to Central Indiana and Western Ohio. We can be reached through our website ShadowPatrolParanormalInvestigation.org Our Facebook site SPPI Ghost-Hunters, and Email Shadowpatrolinvestigations@yahoo.com. Or simply call 260-251-3946.

Our services are free of charge. We do ask a travel fee if we have to go far. This fee is explained on our website and is a minimal amount and is subject to change if the home owner cannot afford it.

Haunting Tales from the Horrornews Staff

Dr. Blood : Here are some of my experiences.

Many years ago, when I was about 5 or 6, my mum took me out to see my grandmother who lived in a countrified village not far from us. It was a warm and sunny day, nothing weird about it and I was being destructive (like all little boys are) round an old shed which my nan had. It was where she kept things like lawnmowers and grass rollers and stuff. Next to it was an old tea chest, one of those hardboard boxes with the metal corners. It was a bit rotten so I started kicking it to break it. As my foot went through it, something with claws grabbed my foot and started pulling at it from the inside. The tea chest fell over and inside… there was absolutely nothing at all!!! Weird.

A few years later, I remember sitting on the back doorstep at home when the back door closed behind me and the door handle went up and down. Nobody was in the house and it wasn’t one of those spring loaded handles that automatically moves when the door is closed. I ran to the end of the garden where there is a river and heard singing coming from the water. Eventually I made it to the front of the house and waited outside until my parents came home.

The next one was when I told a lie which came true. We used to build “dens” as kids in hedgerows and trees and all over the place. Some of the things we used to decorate our dens with were old car mats, broken tvs and bows and arrows and stuff. One day I lied and told my friends I had a new den with, and I was specific about it, two car mats, a portable telly with p*rno pictures stuck on the inside and a really big bow and arrows with nails stuck in the end for points. When they asked me where it was I pointed across a field to one of the hedges and off we went. I intended to say that it had been vandalized by other kids when we got there and all the stuff had been taken but when we got to where I pointed… there it was! Exactly as I had described… but I never made it or even knew it was there.

Sorry I haven’t seen any ghost


Joyhorror : This is a family experience told at gatherings from time to time.

When my grandmother got older and needed someone to take care of her, she moved in with my aunt. My aunt lives in beautiful upstate Pennsylvania near the Poconos. She lives up on the mountain with lots of farm land all around. When I used to visit, it was always scary come nightfall because there are no street lights, so nights were very black and the only light you got was from the moonlight. Her house sets all by its self and there is not another farm for quite a ways down the road. My aunt used to teach ceramic classes in her basement on the weekends. Her students were usually the housewives from other farms. She had a nice little side business going. One night shortly after my grandmom passed away, my aunt was holding one of her Saturday evening ceramic classes and in the middle of class there was knock at the door. My aunt went upstairs and checked the front door and the back door and no one was there. She returned to teach the class and again there was knocking at the door. The dogs were going crazy. Because of the location of where she lived, this was very strange as it would be very unlikely that it would be kids playing a prank. My aunt went upstairs again and it was the same result, no one was there. My aunt returned to the basement and a few minutes later, the knocking happened yet again but this time it was accompanied by a strong scent of roses. This time one of her students spoke out before my aunt would travel upstairs again, and said that there isn’t anyone at the door, that’s your mom ( my grandmom ). You see, my grandmothers room was directly above where my aunt held the ceramic classes in the basement. When she was alive and needed my aunt, she used to tap on the floor with her cane. This was the noise that they were all hearing. My aunt use to keep roses in my grandmother’s room, and that is why the scent of roses filled the air that evening. That story still gives me chills to this day.

If anyone else is interested in telling their own personal ghostly experiences, please feel free to contact me.

Unexplained Confidential: SPPI

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