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Film Review: A Color Out of Space (2019) – Review 2


After a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm, Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) and his family find themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a technicolor nightmare.


Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, Color Out of Space is Directed and written by Richard Stanley (The Island of Dr. Moreau) and Scarlett Amaris.

Beautifully shot, as soon as the film starts there is a voiceover and the tallest, darkest forest. “They told me the place was evil.” It makes you wonder about life and the planet. There is so much more than us. The editing and the shots are great.

Lavinia Gardner (Madeleine Arthur) is in the woods performing a ritual. She is asking for protection for her mother and freedom. She meets Ward Phillips (Elliot Knight). Llamas, alpacas, wolves, horses. I kind of want to live here. Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) is a dad. He is worried about Lavinia. No helmet, no boots, she is a free spirit. Theresa Gardner (Joely Richardson) is the mom. Benny Gardner (Brendan Meyer) is the brother.

So far, just a normal family, as far as what normal is. Does it even exist? I don’t think so but, just an opinion. Jack Gardner (Julian Hilliard) is the little brother. Nathan is cooking for his family. He made a concoction, not sure but it looks like chili? They are having dinner. Nathan cooked. It is great. Nathan and Theresa have a moment while the kids clean up. “We’re living the dream.” The house in this movie is amazing. It is a character itself.

The kids are in bed, the parents are being parents and there is a strange rattling throughout the house. No one seems to notice yet… The sky is lit with what looks like a purple ring. The dog is reacting, always listen to the dog. A huge flash of light, a loud crash and Jack screaming. There is a meteorite in the front lawn.

A “sonic boom and a pink light.” They call the Sheriff in the morning and Jack is affected by this. He has a headache. The snarky Mayor Tooma (Q’orianka Kilcher) shows up with lots of attitude. Ward comes back and he is helping out. Ezra (Tommy Chong) lives near the family. He was an electrician who lives off the grid. There is a storm now and Ward is testing the water. He has a set up near the house. The meteorite is drawing lightning to it.

Ward is alone and he sees something oh so strange. His truck starts, the music comes on. Its about to get weird. The reporter (Melissa Nearman) shows up to interview Nathan. He regrets this. The family is watching this on the news while Theresa is chopping carrots and her fingers with tenacity.

Nathan takes Theresa to the hospital and leaves Benny in charge. Jack is hearing voices from the well in the yard. Lavinia is having a weird reaction to her phone. Benny was supposed to be taking care of the alpacas. Now we have a purple praying mantis coming out of the well. Jack is mesmerized.  Lavinia is doing the dishes, cleaning the blood up from her mother’s accident. She is distracted, dizzy and now she is going to throw up.

Ward shows up to talk about the contaminated water but Lavinia is sick. He heads over to Ezra’s now. The cat is missing, Ward tries to tell Ezra not to drink the water. Nathan and Theresa are heading home from the hospital. G spot, Ezra’s cat is missing. He told Ward earlier that he wouldn’t recognize her now. The special effects are good. They turned the cat into a mutant like creepy cat. Nathan and Theresa spot her crossing the road but they have no idea what it is.

There are plants and random flowers growing around the property. Nathan is having a tomato related meltdown; Theresa is mad about the dish. So many odd things happening. Whatever landed in the front lawn is festering something horrible with this family. Something gets Theresa and Jack from the barn. Lavinia has carved a few symbols into herself.

If they could figure out how to get rid of what landed in the yard, maybe this could stop. What happens to Theresa and Jack is horrible, bizarre and the effects are unreal. Theresa and Jack are sort of molded together, almost as if one of them is trying to absorb the other. Instead of trying to leave, they wind up in the attic and Nathan is getting a shotgun.

They should really leave. Nathan heads out to the barn. It is wild and terrifying but fascinating. All at the same time. The alpacas have also molded together. Theresa is drinking water from a bowel. The sounds are horrible. Nathan comes back into the house and he sends Benny and Lavinia downstairs. He is going to “handle it.” No one seems concerned. They should have called someone by now. Scully and Mulder maybe? Benny hears Sam the dog in the well and he goes in to get him. Something gets him. Nathan is acting really strange again. He wants his family to stay together. Now he is locking Lavinia in the attic with Theresa and Jack.

The Sheriff and Ward head to the Gardner house finally! The Marlon Brando film was a nice touch. Theresa and Jack have molded into some type of creature. Nathan is watching movies. Ward and the Sheriff show up just in time, hopefully. Nicolas Cage and this cast really did a great job with these characters. He just wants a family and not be his father. Maybe now they should leave. Yes, leave.

Ward wants Lavinia to leave with him. She won’t go. Whatever got the entire family, has her too. They have to figure out what is wrong with Ezra too. This movie is creepy. This isn’t the average alien/invasion movie. Richard Stanley takes us on one hell of a trippy ride. The way to space is paved pink. Ward is losing his mind; the family has been through hell. Color Out of Space is wild. I’d imagine H.P. Lovecraft is somewhere wondering about portals and time loops.

Ward talks about the water and his journey with the Gardner family. Human science cannot comprehend what happened. “It was just a color out of space.” Imagine having this memory as if you were high on peyote or tripping acid, that’s this movie. In such a wild, vibrant way. The cast did such an incredible job. Richard Stanley is a true visionary. His vibrant colorful choices. This film is living, breathing, moving artwork. Make sure you check out Color Out of Space.


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