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Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020) Trailer Review – First Look

Ghostbusters, baby, yea!!!

ok it’s time! Time to talk about the long-awaited GB20 trailer that dropped today.

Big excitement when the poster art dropped over the weekend, and then the announcement of the first-look trailer this morning. Everyone who knows me knows that ALL YOUR GHOSTBUSTERS ARE BELONG TO ME. I even liked the mostly reviled GB16. Yea it wasn’t MY Ghostbusters and would have preferred it had been an extension of the established universe rather than a full-on reboot, but if wishes were fishes…..

Anyway, so the new trailer for GB20. I have been theorizing for a long time about what the story would be and how they would handle certain realities. Obviously, I am referring to the passing of Harold Ramis. You just can’t do the story without Egon. I had concerns of the production re-casting Egon with a new actor, trying to pass him off as the same guy. That would have really pissed me off.

Instead we seem to be getting one of the things I had hoped for, which is a Spengler family line. I had theorized that a son or nephew or daughter taking the character role would keep the dynamic in place without ignoring the original actor. I was even considering perhaps a student or apprentice that had studied with Egon, coming in to join the team. Its pretty obvious from the trailer that the children being featured in the story are the grandchildren of Egon Spengler. I hope we get some backstory in the film of this family tree as to how and when this all came about. And since they clearly state the grandfather is dead, the circumstances of his character death will hopefully be explained as well. Just hoping he goes big, taken out like a hero.


We see all sorts of hints at supernatural creatures from the past – Slimer, obviously, and what appears to be a Terra Dog. There’s a lot of fan service in this trailer, especially when the granddaughter discovers what we assume is Egon’s workshop/laboratory. I’ve watched it a few times to try and catch everything in the background and I keep finding more stuff with each viewing.

The trailer has given me some hints at story elements that I was hoping would be there. Still not sure that everything I was thinking will happen, but I caught hints at both movies, as well as both animated series and some of the story from the video game. I had been theorizing that this film would connect all of these storylines to give us a wrap-up of the various events that played out in them.

We know that the surviving original cast (with the noted exception of Rick Moranis, who is not a confirmed no but not expected to appear) have all signed on and filmed their parts for the movie. What we don’t know is how they will play into the story. The trailer doesn’t show any of them beyond some “archival footage” being screened by Paul Rudd. Hoping for actual story with them and not a series of cameos, as was done in GB16.

Oh, and the Ecto-1! Poor old girl has seen better days, but the siren still works! And love the gunner’s seat. Very toyetic.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this first-look, and while I still have some questions and a little reticence, I’m still looking forward to seeing it. And I seriously can’t wait for the merchandise to come out!


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