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Janet Leigh: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Actress / Model Janet Leigh left behind a legacy that will always remain close to horror fans hearts. Known as the poster lady for 1960’s movie Psycho, it is remarkable seeing that her role in that film was very brief (but yet still impactful). Janet Leigh would live a life of countless movie releases adding to her contribution to the film world.

She would also bring a striking beauty to the screen that was unmatched for her era. I first fell in love with this lady in 1953’s film “Houdini”, a film that would lead to her off screen romance with other lead, Tony Curtis. Often toting one of the pointiest bras on screen (no really, check out the shots), Janet was hard not to notice. She of course would grant us another gift in horror with her offspring actress/daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Over the years Janet Leigh practiced diversity through a range of film styles that include: drama, comedy, musical, horror, and even the occasional action movie.

The photos we have gathered take us decades back ranging from the 1920’s to present. Janet would of course leave us in 2004 at the age of 77, however we have her work and photography sessions to remember her by. A remarkably stunning talented lady, Janet Leigh was among the greats! I had a great time drumming up these shots.

I hope you enjoy the sessions of images we have gathered. Enjoy our Janet Leigh Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection and throw on a few older Leigh starred films while you are at it!