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Virginia Madsen: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Another great addition to our celebrity gallery, the always stunning Virginia Madsen, who launched her career in the early 80’s leading up to present, is one of our favorite additions.

Known for her more dramatic roles that span films like: “Fire with Fire”, “Slam Dance”, “Gotham” and “The Hot Spot”, Virginia has additionally been a feature actress in several horror films, notably as Helen Lyle in 1992’s “Candyman”, Andrea in “Zombie High”, Jane in “The Haunting”, Agatha in “The Number 23”, Sara in “The Haunting in Connecticut” and Catherine in “The Prophecy”.

Her list of appearances is exhaustingly impressive with TV series such as: “American Gothic” and the upcoming 2019 series “Swamp Thing” adding to her career.

With a striking and memorable smile, Virginia has always lightened the room with her beauty, grace and extremely talented acting skills. With all that said, it was her natural beauty that caught our hearts in her early 80’s appearances leading up to today. As a tribute to this fine actress we have included a number a sexy breath taking photos for your convenience under 1 roof. A welcome addition to our gallery, this is Virginia Madsen’s Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection
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