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Lynda Carter: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

One of the most iconic beauties of our era, Lynda Carter held the prestigious position of being America’s first Wonder Woman. The year was 1975, the year the Wonder woman series debuted. I remember even as a young child being floored by this extraordinary female who lit up the screens with her charm, strength, and natural charisma for capturing the true essence of the DC character Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter would go on to act in several other films and series over the year, a few even being within the horror/fantasy realm, however no role could top her contribution to comic book fans favorite early 70’s TV show. Recently, she played the role of President Olivia Marsdin in 2016’s TV series Super girl.

Over the years many have tried to kick start Wonder woman into a franchise, though it wouldn’t be till 2017 that any actress would deem worthy enough to take the torch and run with it. This photo feature gives credit where credit is due by also providing viewers with a taste of Lynda’s range of modeling sessions over the years. Lynda, 44 years later is still as charming and radiant as the day she first donned her Diana Prince glasses and took off in her invisible jet. This is Lynda Carter’s hottest sexiest photo collection. Want to see other beauties and wonder women? How about checking out Gal Gadot’s sexy photos page. Presented to you by Horror News!