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Human Hibachi NEW still just released!

Human Hibachi NEW still just released!

For Immediate Release:

Cerrito Productions has released a brand new still for the upcoming feature, Human Hibachi, directed by Mario Cerrito III.

Human Hibachi is getting close to completion and premiere details are imminent.  There is also news of two separate versions, one being censored and the other being uncensored.

Synopsis: A movie that was made to be sold on the black market in Japan was intercepted by authorities.

The film follows two couples as they celebrate a 35th birthday party at a Japanese owned restaurant. What was caught on film is some of the most grotesque, horrifying images imaginable.

Featuring: Elizabeth Gaynor, Carmine Giordano, Wataru Nishida, Carley Harper, Sopheaktra Theng, Andrew Hunsicker, John Campanile and Stafford Chavis

Official Human Hibachi IMDb page:

Official Human Hibachi Facebook page:


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  1. Written by Mario Cerrito III, Directed by Mario Cerrito III, Executive Produced by Mario Cerrito III, Cinematography by Mario Cerrito III, Edited by Mario Cerrito III, Set Decoration by Mario Cerrito III, Production Management by Mario Cerrito III, Casting by Mario Cerrito III, Lighting technician Mario Cerrito III . . . yeah, this looks like a real quality production from a humble filmmaker.


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