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Arrow Video US – August 2019 Release Schedule

New from Arrow Video US and Arrow Academy US
ALICE, SWEET ALICE [Blu-ray] (8/6)
CRUISING [Blu-ray] (8/20)
[Limited Edition Blu-ray] (8/20)

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August with Arrow Means Slashers, Killers and Faith-Based Trilogies
Arrow’s August lineup is low in quantity, but high in quality with three new titles coming to Blu-ray that every collector will want to make part of their collection. Things get started on August 6th, with Alfred Sole’s attempt at crafting a Hitchcockian thriller with his classic slasher, Alice, Sweet Alice. A young girl is brutally murdered by an unknown lunatic in a bright yellow rain coat and a freakishly creepy translucent mask. As the killer continues to strike again and again, the young girl’s parents are forced to consider this gruesome reality – perhaps the killer is their eldest daughter, Alice. Ranked #89 on Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments, Alice, Sweet Alice features kill scenes that are shocking to even the most hardcore slasher enthusiasts. Fun fact: the film marks the screen debut of future Flower Shop Mystery star, Brooke Shields.
On August 20th, Arrow brings home William Friedkin’s controversial erotic crime thriller, Cruising. Oscar-winner Al Pacino stars as a New York City cop assigned an undercover gig that sends him deep into the world of the gay S&M and leather bars in the Meatpacking District in an effort to track down a killer targeting gay men. Originally panned by critics and activists alike, the film has gained a cult following and been more highly received over the years.
The final Arrow release for the month, also hitting shelves on August 20th, is a collection of Akio Jissôji’s films – This Transient Life, Mandara, and Poem – that make up The Buddhist Trilogy. These three New Wave films made for the Art Theatre Guild take a controversial and shocking exploration through faith. As an added bonus, Jissôji’s 1974 feature It Was a Faint Dream, a film that touches on similar themes as the trilogy, is included.
As per usual, each release this month features a High Definition transfer, including a new 4K scan for Cruising, and plenty of special features to keep you entertained well after the credits roll.


Alice, Sweet Alice

If You Survive The Night… Nothing Will Scare You AGAIN

On the day of her first communion, young Karen (Brooke Shields) is savagely murdered by an unknown assailant in a yellow rain mac and creepy translucent mask. But the nightmare is far from over – as the knife-wielding maniac strikes again and again, Karen’s bereaved parents are forced to confront the possibility that Karen’s wayward sister Alice might be the one behind the mask.

SKU: AV213
UPC: 760137275985
SRP: 39.95
Street Date: 08/06/19
PreBook Date: 07/02/19
Label: Arrow Video
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Run Time: 107 mins
Hi-Res Cover Art (JPG)  High-res Cover Art (JPG)


Al Pacino is Cruising for a killer.

Academy Award-winner William Friedkin (The Exorcist) directs Al Pacino as an undercover cop pitched into New York’s seedy underbelly in Cruising A serial killer is preying on the patrons of the city’s underground bars. Captain Edelson (Paul Sorvino) tasks young rookie Steve Burns (Pacino) with infiltrating the S&M subculture to try and lure the killer out of the shadows .

SKU: AV219
UPC: 760137276081
SRP: 39.95
Street Date: 08/20/19
PreBook Date: 07/16/19
Label: Arrow Video
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Language: English
Run Time: 102 mins
Hi-Res Cover Art (JPG)  High-res Cover Art (JPG)

Akio Jissoji: The Buddhist Trilogy [Limited Edition]

Akio Jissoji created a rich and diverse body of work during his five decades in Japan’s film and television industries. For some, he is best-known for his science-fiction: the 1960s TV series Ultraman and 1998’s box-office success Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis. For others, it is his 1990s adaptations of horror and mystery novelist Edogawa Rampo, such as Watcher in the Attic and Murder on D Street.

SKU: AA030
UPC: 760137130789
SRP: 99.95
Street Date: 08/20/19
PreBook Date: 07/16/19
Label: Arrow Academy
Genre: Drama
Language: Japanese
Run Time: 143 mins
Hi-Res Cover Art (JPG)  High-res Cover Art (JPG)
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