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Interview: Director James Cullen Bressack (Blood Craft)

“The witchcraft-centric horror film Blood Craft, featuring Dominique Swain (Face-Off), Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), Mark Rolston (Aliens) and Twilight’s Michael Welch (The Final Wish) will be out April 9th.

Directed and co-written by genre specialist James Cullen Bressack, the film tells of two witchcraft-practicing sisters (Madeleine Wade and Augie Duke) out to get revenge on their already dead father.

Madeleine Wade, who also stars in the film, co-wrote the screenplay.”


Hi James, first off you did a great job with BLOOD CRAFT. I really loved the idea of Dave Sheridan of all people is playing the character he plays.

James- Yes, that was really fun for me. Dave and I have been friends for a really long time. He had expressed wanting to play one of these darker and more serious roles. So we finally found the opportunity for that to happen with this movie. I knew he would be willing to take me to the places I had to go. It was a really interesting experience because he is funny of a person. In between takes he would literally like shake off the character and he would make random jokes. It was interesting to watch.

I think many people including the legend that is Robin Williams and certain comedians are able to portray dark characters. They are able to go to a different level.

James- I mean that’s the thing with comedy is that comedy is looking at the world and finding the darkness in it and creating humor out of it. When you are able to tap into that. It is the same thing but just not making a joke. You have to know drama in order to know comedy. If you are able to be funny you are able to be dark. I had a tendency to work with funny people and put them in darker roles. More specifically I had Tom Green playing a therapist.

Yes, I remember that. He did a good job. What made you want to do BLOOD CRAFT?

James- Madeline approached me with the script. She had already written the script. I decided to help her streamline it and create it. It was great collaborating with her. For me what really draws me to a movie like this is I like dealing with darker themes but I also like when I read a script and I see images in my head, I know that I have to direct the movie because in my mind it’s like I am already starting to create what I see. Those images will make it into the film. For me it was a beautiful story and a person trying to hold themselves together when they are already falling apart. I am usually drawn to that and the question of, what is sanity and insanity. I think it’s normally what I try to focus on. It’s like a singular character driven piece and so it’s the type of movie that draws me because it’s the type of movie I like to watch.

I kind of agree with that because the films you make are all so different and nothing is ever the same but BLOOD CRAFT is such a good movie. It sort of makes you think this is crazy. Maybe some people would think it is crazy but it isn’t to me. It makes sense with all of the psychological, sort of what is happening? It makes you ask questions and everything going on with Tyler (Michael Welch) this movie covers some topics that could happen.

James- The film really focuses on cycles of abuse and how we deal with abuse and these situations. We made sure to do research and I am not sure if Michael (Michael Welch who plays Tyler) mentioned this but you know because I haven’t seen his interview yet but when Michael and I were digging in to his role. Michael and I went to a child abuse counselor together and asked questions regarding what’s in the script with them to see what the naturalistic reactions would be and the thought process. So we really decided to dig deep and do this right because with a touchy subject matter like this you don’t want it to come off not genuine.

What was that like for you to actually go that session? I did speak with Michael about it for his interview.

James- I thought it was a really great experience in the sense of, it was illuminating for the characters across the board. It helped open my eyes to a kind of very heated thought process. As horrible as it was to hear some of the stories it helped us to create something that was genuine and real. I think it was helpful.

I think from personal experience watching BLOOD CRAFT, some of the psychological-ness of it is relatable and movies have always been an escape. Did you go into this project that you wanted to make a movie but also sort of have people take something away from the movie if that makes sense? And sort of out of darkness there is some light even for us broken people.

James- For me with this movie as well as a lot of the movies that I make as well as a lot of the movies I make. I make movies for targeted audiences. People who have had experience or personal knowledge I feel like they will be able to connect more to this film. It is a revenge to the highest form.

Was what it like directing this incredible cast?

James- Thank you. I had a great collaboration with all of my actors. I had a great time. I am very proud of them.

What do you want the fans to know about BLOOD CRAFT from your perspective?

James- From my perspective, don’t be fooled by the title. It is not your run of the mill horror movie.

What are you working on next?

James- Right now I am working on an action movie. It has been a really interesting experience.

Did you always know that you wanted to do this?

James- Yes, I spent my entire life studying film. I was the kid in high school, my teacher would assign a book report and I would a short film about why I didn’t want to do the book report. The only thing I have ever wanted to do is make movies.

Do you have any advice for the filmmakers? Current and future?

James- I would say for filmmakers now, make your movies and get out there. Ultimately the only thing that is stopping you is you.

Thank you so much James. It is an honor as always. Keep making awesome films.

James- Thank you so much. It is people and websites like you that make this all worth it. I appreciate that.



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