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United Monster Talent Agency: Short film by KNB’s Greg Nicotero

If you are as yet unaware of this project, you MUST see Greg (KNB) Nicotero’s new film, UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY. Created as a spoof of 1950s newsreel documentaries, it’s eight minutes and nine seconds of pure bliss. I will not spoil any surprises – but will just say that UMTA features many moments from the classic canon of Universal films (1923 onward), with some cameos from non-U monsters, all of which works very joyously well. I just today interviewed Greg, mostly about creating the zombies for the eagerly awaited AMC TV project, “The Walking Dead,” but he revealed that the entire UMTA affair was the equivalent of a big home movie, shot in a few days at his KNB studios with character designs by his formidable crew.

Look closely to see cameo appearances by directors Frank Darabont (exec producer of Walking Dead), Robert Rodriguez and Eli Roth. The film is playing at festivals and is being considered for broadcast on AMC during the upcoming Halloween monster movie season. Not to be missed by any REAL fans of the genre and its characters. Should be expanded into a feature! One of the best homages to the classic monsters ever made!!!


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