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Raquel Welch: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Ageless and beautiful, this genre lady and legendary actress has been delivering the goods for decades. Fantastic Voyage (1966) was her first journey into screen as Cora Peterson which soon captured the attention of studios leading her to the memorable role of Loana in One Million Years B.C. Her career now in full swing would lead to countless roles over the daces that spanned the gamut of film and TV (Though one of my favorites as to be “Kansas City Bomber”)

There is no denying the attraction this actress brings which later led to fitness and beauty videos. Many of us weren’t around in the 60-70’s to see her come into age, however images from those eras are still as breathtaking as they were then. When we started to make this collection featuring beautiful women of past and present, this lady was first on the list

We hope enjoy the various collective of Hottest, Sexiest Photos Collection of Raquel Welch!
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