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The Films of Andy Sidaris are Coming to Full Moon!

Trailblazing action movie auteur Andy Sidaris pioneered a kind of hard, sexy – but decidedly non-exploitative – brand of wild sex and guns and gonzo adventure film throughout the 1980s and ’90s, movies that were affectionately dubbed “BBB” (Bullets, Bombs and Babes) by hardcore fans. With titles like MALIBU EXPRESS, HARD TICKET TO HAWAII, SAVAGE BEACH and FIT TO KILL, these adrenalized pulp action bonanzas (many of which were produced with his wife and partner, Arlene Sidaris) gave their primarily male audience exactly the sort of no-nonsense late-night escapism they craved, with rugged heroes, derring-do, skullduggery, endless explosions, exotic locales and lovely – often disrobed – ladies (including such now iconic superstars as Sybil Danning and Julie Strain).

Today, the Sidaris library is the stuff of legend and while the world has yet to see Blu-ray upgrades of these cable and video store classics, Full Moon Features has just announced that – after negotiations with Arlene Sidaris – the entire “BBB” catalog will be coming to Full Moon Streaming and Full Moon’s Amazon channel this month in gorgeous HD presentations. This is huge news for hardcore Sidaris fans and fans-to-be.

“I’m thrilled about this deal,” says Arlene Sidaris about the licensing agreement with Full Moon.

“Streaming is a fantastic platform. I kept the rights to streaming not really thinking much of it and 15 years later, who knew it would be the primary way we consume movies today.”

Andy Sidaris’ legacy goes far beyond his signature shoot ’em up thrillers, with a long history in media, including pioneering work with ABC’s Wide World of Sports, inventing the now common “honey shot”, where the camera would stray to the stands to find the prettiest girls and his Emmy-award winning work in television, both in sporting events and hit shows like KOJAK.

But it is with his “BBB” gems (later renamed the L.E.T.H.A.L Ladies series) that the Sidaris name will forever be tied.

“These were movies people discovered in the middle of the night on HBO and Showtime,” notes Arlene Sidaris.

“(Cult movie TV personality) Joe Bob Briggs loved them and helped get us the attention we needed and now they have a huge international fanbase.”
Full Moon’s journey into Sidaris starts NEXT WEEK on August 8th, with the streaming premiere of Sidaris’ insane MALIBU EXPRESS, a crazy tale of spies and sex-starved socialites that served as B-movie Goddess Sybil Danning’s definitive performance.

Malibu Express – Trailer from Full Moon Video Lab on Vimeo.

Every week, we will premiere another Sidaris masterwork and you can join the fun by subscribing to www.FullMoonStreaming.com and our Full Moon Amazon channel. The Sidaris library joins our already hundreds-strong collection of insane International horror, cult, erotic, sci-fi and fantasy films that stream on our channels, 24/7.

For more on the wild world of Andy Sidaris check out the official website here.


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