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Top 1970’s Hottest Sexiest Horror Movie Posters

Hey there horror lovers! Back for more sexy trendy and often obscure movie posters. This round we got the sexiest hottest horror movie posters from the 1970’s. Now right off the cuff, the 70’s was a weirder era for cinema. Alot of erotic horror films were being created which by default put them in this collection of cover art alone (lesbo vampire was very much in as a theme in these days).

Several posters were foreign based appearing to have looser rules on what was allowed on posters, The art was often painted or drawn (as this was the non-digital age of course). In addition, the marketing was more art-based and less focused often generating posters that just ranged the gamut of front end presentations.

Out of this we have the famed Jaws poster featuring the nude swimmer and then the blatant copy cat rip off movie, Piranha. What I always find interesting is how 1 marketing movement influences another.

So we get this heavily collage style going on that attempts to cover a whole bunch of film bullet points wile still trying to look like works of art. At times, it was even hard to truly determine if the film was a horror film at all or just exploitation, grind house (or all of those in that regard).

The horror magazines (nightmare, eerie, scream, psycho, Creepy…) of this era mirrored this aspect often using a busty female against some kind of horror element (which can be seen in several posters here. This was also the era that inspired the Elvira look sporting busty, Gothy, thin-waisted females, thus becoming the new dark sexy.

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