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Top 1980’s Hottest Sexiest Horror Movie Posters

Hello horror fans! Welcome to another cool lil poster collection. In this posting we take on the hottest and sexiest poster/DVD/VHS covers from the 1980’s. Now of course astute viewers know that DVD’s didn’t come out till 1995, so it would make more sense if all were VHS/movie posters. However once DVD hit, some of the old art was refurbished onto the DVD covers (Just felt it was necessary to point all that out).

Those who remember the 80’s horror films, or market for that matter, know that it was a time when films were created with 2 maIn objectives: Sex and horror (blood, slashing, some guts….but more intensity over guts often to avoid censorship). It was a given (and a standard) that no horror film would make it in the market with out some degree of nudity. It also seems to have trickled on over into the marketing, which while were not permitted to show nudity, still followed with some degree of “breasty-front-cover-female” inclusion.

The theme of stabbing or attacking women’s breasts of the front cover was a bit disturbing, but also comical in the sense of what “they” thought was appropriate marketing. “Blood Beach” has that classic “sexy but in terror” thing going on while the film “The Initiation” is 1 phallic step away from a visual jerk-off. Though my favorite from this series is “Deadly Blessing”, sporting a cover that really tried hard to downplay the fact that it actually is a horror film. “Slumber Party Massacre”, now it doesn’t take much imagination to get the symbolism implied there.

We do realize, that a few may have flown under the radar that we missed, so feel free (in fact, please do) to notify us of additional posters that should be on this list (Internet research only goes so far).



  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    Thumbs up for ‘Blood Sisters’ poster because big boobs are always awesome. It’s a shame society has become so PC it can’t be fun like this anymore.

  2. Great post and you’ve got some great movieposters too.
    Iam an great fan of 1980s movies.
    It was a great time to be young in the eighties.


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