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EXHIBITS – Early Stills from Paul Gerrard’s New Horror Master Work

Exhibits-film-Paul Gerrard (4)
Word just sent over on a new project called Exhibits in the works per Shannara artist Paul Gerrard. The anthology stars Hellraisers Nicholas Burman-Vince among others. It will be featured and pitched at this ‘ Ithaca International Film Festival with 4 new trailers in the works. For now, we have some early stills to get you excited over

A FOUR PART ANTHOLOGY MOVIE Introducing 4 iconic horror antagonists in the making, that dare to push the boundaries of the genre

Everyone has secrets. Strangers, loved ones
and you, hide secrets.

But what if someone knew every dark
detail about your life? What would you
do to silence them?

Christie, a Canadian widow, and her son Andy are
enjoying a weekend break with her new boyfriend
Phillip and his teenage daughter Rachel.

After a hectic day at an adventure park,
the two families walk into a forest and find a
museum specialising in the macabre, murders
and supernatural deaths.

The Curator tells the visitors stories behind
exhibits of his choosing—revealing the secrets
which might destroy his visitors lives.

Exhibits-film-Paul Gerrard (1)

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