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actor NATHAN HEAD films new Dinosaur Film

British horror actor Nathan Head (Theatre Of Fear, Hellriser, Exorcist Chronicles) has recently completed shooting a new dinosaur film in South Wales with Director Andrew Jones (Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection, Silent Night Bloody Night: The Homecoming).
Nathan Head first rose to fame in the double-award winning horror comedy Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders, since then he has successfuly made a name for himself in the horror genre having starred in a number of titles, most memorably playing Trinculo the killer clown in Theatre Of Fear aka The Midnight Horror Show. More recently, he appeared as Heinrich Berger in the third entry to the popular Robert The Doll franchise and Colin Green in 88 Films’s Giallo-inspired Hellriser.
Nathan Head plays Dominic in North Bank Entertainment’s Primeval Predator, which also stars Lee Bane (Cabin 28, Robert The Doll), Derek Nelson (Werewolves Of The Third reich), Lee Mark Jones (Spidarlings) and Darren Swain (King Arthur: Excalibur Rising).

Scientists working at a government research facility use prehistoric DNA to resurrect a T-Rex who escapes from the lab to terrorize a nearby town.


Primeval Predator is released in June 2018 with 4Digital Media and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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