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Nathan Head Faces Hordes of flesh-hungry Zombies in Virus of the Dead

Virus of the Dead portrays the effects of the zombie apocalypse across the globe following the release of an engineered virus by terrorist Abela, played by Clint Eastwood’s talented daughter Kathryn Eastwood, and told entirely through a chain of connecting internet-vlogs, newsclips, web-chats and smartphone found-footage. Virus Of The Dead also stars James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Bethany), Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart, Any Minute Now), Shawn C. Phillips (SyFy Channel’s Ghost Shark), Shane Ryan (Samurai Cop 2, Amateur Porn Star Killer) and Timo Rose (Unrated: The Movie, Mutation).

Nathan Head first rose to fame following a string of successful roles in TV shows such as Doctor Who and the multi-award winning independent horror comedy Mark Macready And The Archangel Murders, he’s best known for playing Trinculo the killer clown in Andrew Jones’s 2014 movie Theatre Of Fear but more recently he’s co-starred in 88 Films’ Hellriser as well as the third entry in the ever-popular Robert The Doll series; The Toymaker.

In Virus Of The Dead Nathan Head plays Andy, a guy who is on his way to meet his girlfriend Nicki with the hope of proposing to her when he is suddenly chased through the trees by a group of flesh-hungry zombies. Realising his end is near after losing his footing and impaling himself on a tree branch, Andy attempts to record a dieing message to Nicki before the battery on his camera dies for good.

Virus Of The Dead was produced by Tony Newton, of Troma’s “Grindsploitation” fame, and some of the segment directors include Mark Alan Miller (Night Breed: The Director’s Cut), John Penny (Return Of The Living Dead 3), Keiron Hollett (Blood Curse 1 & 2), Gordon Bressack (Pinky And The Brain, Animaniacs) and Nick Principe (Tales Of Halloween).

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