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Interview: Brian O’Malley (The Lodgers)

Brian O’Malley (“Let Us Prey”) discussed his new film, “The Lodgers” written by David Turpin and starring David Bradley, Eugene Simon, Charlotte Vega, Moe Dunford and Bill Milner.

Brian- Hi Janel

Hi Brian! How are you?

Brian- I am well.

Okay, so I have been so excited for “The Lodgers.” Tell us how you got involved?

Brian- Have you seen the film already.

I have not seen “The Lodgers” yet!

Brian- Well basically a screening of “Let Us Prey” happened in 2015 – the two producers of “The Lodgers” were at that screening and after that they contacted me and said they had a screenplay, a ghost story and asked if I would like to read it. I’m being completely honest in saying I was interested because I think ghost stories are very, very difficult to make interesting and original but within around 15 pages I knew it was something special. The writing was so beautiful and elegant. I loved that it was a female antagonist.

You have an amazing cast! There are so many talented actors, what was it like directing everyone?

Brian-It really was an absolute pleasure. Every single member of cast in that film are good, decent people. In terms of working with them it was really amazing.

Did you face any challenges while shooting and did you film in Ireland?

Brian- Yes we did film in Ireland. It was made entirely on-location, there are no sets for this film. The other thing about shooting on-location is that it offers up possibilities you wouldn’t have thought of if you were on a set. It is entirely on-location in Ireland except for the underwater section which was filmed in Dublin. As far as the challenges, the house itself is a living museum. There was a great sense when you were in the house that it’s very delicate. Then there was the challenge of time. That is part of the filmmaking process. The challenge of shooting underwater is extremely difficult. That was the biggest challenge of whole shoot.

What would you like to say to the audiences and fans that will be watching “The Lodgers?”

Brian- Oh God you have to help me on that one. I would say if you are a fan of elegant, gothic ghost stories with a slightly modern twist this is a film you will really enjoy.

Yes! I loved “Let Us Prey,” it was an incredible film! Now what are you working on next?

Brian- It is interesting because “The Lodgers” is very different from “Let Us Prey” and that was kind of intentional. I wanted to follow up with “The Lodgers” with something in the realms of Horror but a different kind of horror. My next film has a supernatural type of backstory to it. It is very much like “Shutter Island” meets “The Woman in Black.” I certainly wanted to stick within the realm and the genre but I would like to push beyond that and I would really love to explore science fiction.

Thank you so much Brain!

Brian- Thank you.

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