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Teaser Trailer for Rod Smith’s DISTORTION starring Sadie Katz, Helene Udy, Lainee Rhodes, Dawna Lee Heising and Tatiana Larrea

Rod Smith’s DISTORTION Stars Sadie Katz, Helene Udy, Lainee Rhodes, Dawna Lee Heising and Tatiana Larrea

“Distortion” is a psychological horror mystery, where behind every truth there is a lie, and every lie contains some truth. It is a story of five women each hiding their cursed lives, behind a myriad of trickery and distortion.

I am Rod Smith, the writer and director of “Distortion.” Some of you will remember me as the writer of “Mayday” and “Lockdown”, two films distributed by Lionsgate. I also wrote “Cognitive Psychosis” and “Sins of the Mother”. I will be directing a $3 million sci-fi thriller in 2022. I am especially excited about my upcoming film “Distortion” because the cast and crew are entirely female and it is a trilogy. I would like to invite each of you to become a part of “Distortion”, which will also be sent to Lionsgate & Netflix for approval. We are running an IndieGoGo campaign with a myriad of perks at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/distortion–2#/

The story begins five years after Vincent, a psychopathic serial torturer and ritualistic killer is presumed murdered, but his body is never found. Dr. Epstein has invited four women, Vincent’s only living victims to the home where he once tortured and ritualistically sacrificed over 100 women to his God. Dr. Epstein convinces each of the women that she can cure them of the evil that haunts their lives. But Epstein herself is shrouded in mystery and may be withholding her own sinister intentions.

Very quickly the audience and, eventually the characters, understand that there are many evil forces at work in and around the house. The film twists and turns through a maze of lies and revelations, until the horrible truth is finally revealed in the very last scene. In the end, no one is safe, no one will ever be the same and a great evil is unleashed.

The cast of “Distortion” includes:

Sadie Katz: A superstar in the indie film world and an extraordinary actress, director, and writer. Sadie plays Noni, a seer and spiritualist, who is haunted by her abilities. When she meets Dr. Epstein, she is desperate to rid herself of her curse. She has the dubious honor of having spent the most time with our serial killer.

Helene Udy: A superstar who played Myra Bing for five years on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, starring Jane Seymour. Helene also starred in cult classic “My Bloody Valentine”. She can currently be seen in the television series “The Healer”. Helene plays Sister Teresa, a woman that killed her three children with a hammer and later became Vincent’s concubine while in the mental hospital.

Lainee Rhodes: A rising star with a huge following. She is currently in her second Netflix production, a series called “24 in Vegas”, and Lainee plays Johnny Depp’s daughter. Lainee has 60 IMDB credits and has been in the industry for 10 years. She plays Caroline the last of Vincent’s victims and the only witness the night he was supposedly killed. Caroline is highly successful con-artist and money is her only focus in life.

Dawna Lee Heising: A former Ms. World who can currently be seen in “Bad President”, starring Eddie Griffin. She also appeared in “Samurai Cop 2” against Tommy Wiseau and starred in “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”, “Nemesis 5” and “Garden Party Massacre”. She plays the part of the mysterious character Dr. Epstein. She has invited the other woman to the house to be cured of their psychological and spiritual demons, but Epstein’s true motives are unknown until the last scene of the film.

Tatiana Larrea: Another shooting star, known for Sins of the Mother, Time Girl and Cognitive Psychosis and has 9 films booked in 2021. She plays the part of Ricci, an artist, who claims she never met Vincent and that she only there for the money. She is the first of the women to see that all is not as it seems. She partners up with Noni, but by then it may be too late.

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