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Interview: Jon-Mikl Thor

Tell us about the documentary, I AM THOR and THOR-RETURN of the THUNDERHAWK

THOR: Producers wanted to follow the band back about fifteen years ago. It was supposed to be completed years ago but it took about fifteen years and then it was completed. It has won all kinds of awards. It is out there and a lot of people enjoy it. We just won another won at the in-Edit festival in Barcelona, Spain. Why do people do documentaries? To tell a story and our story was told. With the documentary, I AM THUNDERHAWK, this is the story of the after-math right of what it was like to promote I AM THOR the movie and do concerts all over the world. The reactions of the fans and it is more post I AM THOR.

Did you face any type of challenges working on the documentaries?

THOR: A lot of stuff was shot by different film-makers and cinematographers all over the United States. It is all kinds of footing. Intricate stuff. That is why post-production is so important. We have everything ready to go and now we have to edit it. We wanted to pick the greatest moments. When you see this movie, we want you to be excited about it.

You have an amazing list of music and albums that you have released. Do you have a favorite so far?

THOR:  There’s different ones. I think “Metal Avengers” is one of my favorites and “Only the Strong” comes to mind. Those two are classics I think.

What made you want to be a rock star growing up?

THOR: I was a young kid, body builder and a musician. I played bass guitar and also trained. I liked listening to music when I trained, it would drive me into a frenzy. I listened to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and Black Sabbath. I was really inspired when I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I guess that was when the spark started.

Who has inspired you professionally?

THOR: I go back a long ways so, as far as Horror goes, Lon Chaney is one of my favorites. That is why I wear a lot of masks on stage. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors. I come from the old school of that era.

You have an amazing fan base. What would you like to say to the fans?

THOR: I would say if you want to do something go out there and do it. Believe in your dreams. There is always an obstacle out there. There are always these dark forces in life that you have to get by to get to your dreams. There will be people who say, oh you cannot do that but you have to believe that you can do it. Sure there are challenges along the way but never give up and get out there and make it happen.

What is next for you?

THOR: I just want to say that I am one to experiment in many things. We have a new card game coming out. We have a new record coming out with “Thundermaker.” One of my first loves is film-making. I want to work on THUNDERHAWK and get it finished. We are trying to get the fans involved so they are part of it too. We are also talking with Electronic Games, they do a lot of [sports related] games. The sky is the limit. We have comics coming out. I am working on another horror film as well.

Will you be involved with any conventions?

THOR: I plan to and I get offered convention appearances. I also performed at conventions. That is something I plan to do next year.

It would be great for you do a premiere at Comic Con for the fans?

THOR: We would love to do that! We would love to do something like that and combine our band with the tie in of the event.



https://www.netflix.com/ I AM THOR


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