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ROCK & ROLL NIGHTMARE star Jon-Mikl Thor to Crowdfund Latest Project

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the launch of an amazing crowdfunding campaign to help with the completion of the tour documentary THOR: RETURN OF THE THUNDERHAWK.

In 2015, director Ryan Wise gave us the documentary I AM THOR, an unflinching account of Jon-Mikl Thor’s comeback after having been in retirement for nearly ten years. Mounting such an ambitious attempt to stardom after having given up wasn’t an easy task. Cameras followed him and his band for nearly fifteen years and some major life-changing events occur within the context of the film. After a successful launch at Slamdance, the film continued to garner critical acclaim and has played all over the world. The film is currently available on DVD/Blu-Ray and can be purchased on Amazon, Best Buy, or numerous other outlets. In fact, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch the film right now.

There’s also a group of fans who were introduced to Thor and his music through the motion pictures he’s starred in. RECRUITS, ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, and ROCK & ROLL NIGHTMARE are now classics in the genre and the films have a rabid fan base.


In celebration of I AM THOR’s release (as well as the release of his latest album METAL AVENGER) Jon-Mikl launched a major tour, traveling around the world to deliver the type of show his fans have come to expect from him. Cameras captured many of these shows and thus THOR: RETURN OF THE THUNDERHAWK was born. The film is nearly complete but some funds are still needed to help wrap up post and to film so additional scenes (think THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME). Thor is asking his fans to dig into their pockets and help him to complete what is sure to be a fantastic film. In return for your donation, their are some amazing perks being offered, including stage-worn helmets, signed CD’s, vinyl, t-shirts, and much, much more. The campaign just launched last week and there’s still lots of time to donate. Don’t wait too long, you don’t want to miss out on being a part of a film which is bound to be rock hard.


So visit the official Kickstarter page for the campaign, and if you can’t donate, please share the page with anyone you may know.We need to spread the word and all help and attention is always appreciated.

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  1. i watched this film, I am Thor< and liking it. I was a huge heavy metal fan in the 80's and living in the Chicagoland area. I couldn't find anything of Thor nor records or tapes, but i would read about him in the heavy metal magazines.
    There was part of the movie i could relate too. Thor claims that around 87 he had a nervous breakdown after seeing his career come to an end.
    Same thing happen to me. I was a D.J. for fifteen years, thriving to get to a large market station. I did land in a radio station, only to have it sold a year later and everyone was let go. In 2003, i saw my deejaying career coming to an end. A month after i did my last gig, i had a nervous breakdown.
    It's sad to see something you work so hard to make a success of yourself, just fall to pieces right before your eyes.
    Thor is getting lucking with another chance. For me that chance will never happen, with the internet and satellite, radio personalities are being replaced.
    it doesn't help that I paid the price of being around loud music for i am 80% deaf.
    Rock on Thor and Good Luck


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