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Film Review: Revenge of the Boogeyman (1983)



Some guy being interrogated by police after being arrested for murder recants the events of what takes place in The Boogeyman and Revenge of the Boogeyman.


What do you get when you combine footage from an okay horror film with its crappy sequel and then add in some additional footage (that looks like it was recorded in someone’s basement with their uncle’s camcorder) of some guy that has nothing to do with either film at the beginning and end? A total and complete mess. That’s the only way I can describe Boogeyman 2: Redux.  Believe me when I tell you that this movie is a complete and total train wreck and to be honest I am actually very hesitant to even call it a film as it is just a mashed up version of The Boogeyman and Revenge of the Boogeyman with about 3 minutes of new footage thrown in at the beginning and end. I don’t know why the people behind it thought that it was a good idea but they should be ashamed of themselves and I actually feel bad for the fans of the first two movies that purchased it thinking that it was going to be something new and different.


I actually liked Ulli Lommel’s 1980 film The Boogeyman to an extent.  By no means is it an awesome movie as it has its share of flaws and makes very little sense for the most part (mainly because the Boogeyman-in the traditional sense-doesn’t really make an appearance and the villain is just some random guy with a pair of silk stockings on his head) but it is watchable and isn’t totally horrible. The sequel however, 1983’s Revenge of the Boogeyman is pretty lousy and is pretty much made up of footage from the first film ala Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 with very little original material thrown in there for good measure (and this new footage-even though there is probably only about a half hour or so of it- is mighty bad).

revenge-of-the-boogeyman-1983-bruce-pearn-3 revenge-of-the-boogeyman-1983-bruce-pearn-2

Proving that the filmmakers were incredibly lazy (or just didn’t know how to actually sit down and write a script in general), Boogeyman 2 Redux pretty much just shows all of the first movie again, puts a couple of scenes from Revenge of the Boogeyman in there (and speeds them up to the point that if you haven’t actually seen it you have no idea what is going on as you can’t hear the dialogue between the characters and there is no explanation as to who they are or why they are in this film) and ties it all together with some random guy telling the police about the events of both films. Seriously. This is the entire film. I’m not kidding.

Like I said earlier I really didn’t have a problem with the original film but I really don’t think that I needed to see it all over again twice under different titles.  While it has its moments (I always dug the bit where there chick slits her throat with the scissors with her possessed hand) I still don’t think that it is anything that amazing and really don’t get why it deserved two sequels that are essentially the exact same movie with just a little bit of extra footage added.

revenge-of-the-boogeyman-1983-bruce-pearn-7 revenge-of-the-boogeyman-1983-bruce-pearn-6

Honestly, if you have seen the first movie then you have literally already seen this film. Imagine if you went to see the sequel to any other movie out there such as I don’t know, A Nightmare on Elm Street and 95% of it was just footage from the first film with like 3 minutes of scenes that involved some guy that wasn’t even in the first film talking about what happened in the previous movie and you will get my drift here. This movie is terrible and I don’t think that even the most diehard fan of the original film (if there are even any of those out there) would enjoy this installment as it is pretty much an insult.

As you can tell I wasn’t a fan of The Boogeyman 2 Redux. As a matter of fact I thought that it was beyond horrible and is a perfect example of film making at its laziest. I sort of feel ripped off after watching it and have to admit that I fast forwarded through the biggest majority of it since I had already seen it before due to the fact that I had already seen the original movie and this entire film is just a rehash of it.


I am curious as to how much it cost to make this movie and if I had to guess I would say that it probably cost somewhere around five bucks as the new footage that is included is as about as low budget as you can possibly get (and I am pretty sure was done in one take considering the piss poor acting that takes place). Unless you are a glutton for punishment (and haven’t seen The Boogeyman and Revenge of the Boogeyman) avoid this movie like the plague as it is definitely not worth your time. Inexcusable garbage.

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