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Unexplained Confidential: Blue Moon Paranormal

Gobble Monster Gobble!
I thought I would start off the column with a personal memory that relates to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I’m 37 years old now and I have lived in South Jersey (near Philadelphia) my entire life. If you live anywhere near the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York area then you might remember what I’m talking about. Back in the 70’s and 80’s we got some New York stations like WPIX channel 11 and WOR channel 9. When I was a kid there was one thing that I always looked forward to after the big Turkey dinner, and that was a monster movie. I’m not talking about any old monster movie, I’m talking about the 1933 classic, KING KONG! It wasn’t just Kong either, usually theygrouped it with Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young. The tradition started back in 1976 on WOR-TV 9 and they ran with the idea all the way until 1985.

Black Friday usually had the follow up with Godzilla movies all day long. Those were some glorious times. Does anyone else remember watching these Thanksgiving monster marathons?

Welcome into the world of the supernatural. This is where fiction ends and reality is the cold hard truth. We’ve only just touched on the possibilities of what could be “Unexplained Confidential”. The more paranormal research that I do, the more my Joyhorror persona takes over. I want to thank L’Aura Hladik from New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society for her haunting insight last week, but there is so much more information out there. This week we contact Kathleen Popola from Blue Moon Paranormal Investigations for some information and maybe even a ghost story, if we’re lucky.

MJ : How did you get involved in paranormal investigations?

KP : All my life I’ve been interested in the occult, the paranormal and cryptozoology. Everyone thought I was a little on the crazy side until I started turning my passionate interests into tangible evidence. Ghost
hunting started about 5 years ago when a friend showed me a photograph with orbs in it. I did a little research on the computer on spirit photography and paranormal investigations and I thought, “I have got to try this!” I gathered some friends together and have been doing investigations ever since.

MJ : Are there different kinds of ghosts?

KP : To me a ghost is simply the imprint of a person who’s death was so traumatic to them that it left a sort of “footprint” in time. These ghostly images are replayed over and over again. We can see them but we can’t communicate with them. Spirits on the other hand are the energies of those who have died but cannot release their grip on this world. For whatever reason, they decided to remain but can pass back and forth between their dimension and ours. These are the ones you can communicate with. Other types of entities that I’ve encountered are demons and elementals. They like to mess with your mind.

MJ : How is an EMF Meter used when ghost hunting?

KP : We use EMF meters to detect disturbances in the electromagnetic field. A signal will go off when a spirit or other supernatural entity is trying to manifest itself in your location. They use up a lot of energy trying to
communicate which is why our cameras or flashlights suddenly go dead while hunting. During an investigation you have to make sure that the signal isn’t being created by a natural disturbance such as an electrical socket, TV or wires behind a wall. Household appliances throw off allot of electromagnetic

MJ : Tell about some of the EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) you’ve collected?

KP : We have been very fortunate to have captured some great EVP’s. Our best ones are from cemetery investigations. We once encountered an elemental in a local cemetery who came right up to my daughter’s recorder and said, “You look like death.” It’s an amazingly clear EVP, even though I do think it was a little rude. The best recordings are those of spirits who actually answer your questions. The only problem is you don’t know they’ve responded until after the investigation is over and you playback the recording to see if you caught anything.

MJ : Have you ever gotten scared during an investigation?

KP : We’re always scared during an investigation, but we try not to show it. It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of what you can’t see or understand, let alone not knowing what to expect when you’re walking around in the dark asking for something to show itself to you. It can be scary when you suddenly get sick to your stomach when you’re investigating an old hotel/brothel where a murder was committed almost 100 years ago. This happened to me, but I didn’t let it stop me from finishing the investigation.

MJ : Do you have a most memorable haunt?

KP : Yes, my daughter and I were at an old hotel for a local ghost hunters banquet a few years ago. The third and fourth floor of this building were off limits to our party, but we managed to sneak ourselves up there with a camera and recorder. Local folklore has it that a woman was murdered on the third floor and the spirit of a little boy has been seen there as well. Old wallpaper was peeling off the walls, dust and cobwebs were everywhere. We found the room where the murder took place and I suddenly felt horrible pains in my stomach. It was so strong that I had to make my way back downstairs until the feeling passed. Once I felt better I went back for more and I’m glad I did. I was able to capture an EVP of a little boy who was
crying for his mommy.

MJ : What’s next for Blue Moon Paranormal Investigations?

KP : We will be traveling to Tampa, Florida for the TAPS Convention in May of 2009. My daughter, Jaclyn, and I have signed on to participate in the investigation of the Biltmore Hotel in Tampa a few days before the
convention. This hotel is scheduled for massive renovations and will be closed off for a few years. Hopefully this will be the start of taking our ghost hunting abroad to other states and visiting historical sites that have
been known to have paranormal activity.

If you would like to follow up on and listen to some of those EVP’s that
Kathleen talked about, you can visit her website at

FLAPS : a number of sightings in a short period of time in one geographic area. On Monday night, The Discovery Channel aired UFO’s Over Earth about the increase in UFO sightings during the summer of 2008 in Buck County, Pennsylvania. Now, I’m only a 40 minute drive away from Bucks County.

This is happened right over my own head. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reports that there have been 138 UFO sightings between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia over the summer months when usually they average 36 in a four month period. These kind of mass sightings are rear.

This is the most sightings that Pennsylvania has had in the past 35 years. You have to question, why now? Why are so many people seeing strange objects in the sky? They’re spheres & cylinders & boomerang shapes out there that people are seeing. This January 24th MUFON www.mufon.com will be holding their conference at the Bucks County Community College and topics will include alien abductions, eyewitness accounts and the alien hybrid program.

I believe that we are not alone. The universe and beyond is too massive to honestly think that this small planet that we live on called Earth is the only source of intelligent life. The odds are against us, and what is our intelligence measured by besides things we know and things we see? Chances are we are nowhere close to being the most intelligent creatures in the Galaxy. There could be “beings” looking down on us just as we look down on bugs. I’m not sure what people are seeing in our skies. Maybe it’s something military or maybe it’s something unexplained. I just know this, I’m going to be outside looking and waiting.

This was originally posted on November 25, 2008.

Later F’N’ Later,

Mike Joy



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