Film Review: Werewolf in a Women’s Prison (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Set in the fictional third world country of Canpuna, ‘Werewolf in a Women’s Prison’ is the story of Sarah (Victoria De Mare), when camping with her boyfriend, is attacked by a werewolf. She wakes up in a corrupt prison only to find out her boyfriend has been torn apart and she is the only suspect. Forced to do things only found in a prison populated only by women it’s only a matter of time … Continue reading

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Film Review: Goth (2003)


SYNOPSIS: GOTH blurs the boundaries between reality-driven horror and the hallucinatory style of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM in this raw and blood-soaked ride through the dark underbelly of the Gothic subculture. Chrissy and her boyfriend BOONE are two Gothic teenagers living in L.A. who have seen and done it all. As the sun goes down, they get ready for a hardcore concert at the local club. The night takes a gruesome turn when they run … Continue reading

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‘Rat Scratch Fever’ – anyone? Trailer and a big fat rat

Brought back from a doomed space mission, an army of giant rats develop a big appetite for Los Angeles residents.

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Film Review: Hell’s Highway (2002)


SYNOPSIS: A group of four college students from Pennsylvania head to Redondo Beach, CA on a road trip to do what college kids do best: drink their livers into oblivion. Along the way, on a stretch of road in Death Valley known as the Devil’s Freeway, they pick up the young, attractive hitchhiker Lucinda, whose idea of a good time is far different than that of the unsuspecting travelers. REVIEW: I remember when I was … Continue reading

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