Film Review: Ritual (2013)


SYNOPSIS: After receiving a distressed phone call, a man arrives at a seedy highway motel to find that his estranged wife has killed a stranger who is connected to a dangerous cult. REVIEW: A man.¬† A woman.¬† A seedy motel room.¬† A dead body.¬† This scenario has launched so many entertainments throughout the years, it’s hard to imagine where it originated.¬† Was it born within the pulp fiction pages of the early twentieth century, or … Continue reading

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Got word this afternoon that LIONSGATE has pick up the US distribution on a interesting sounding project titled RITUAL. Deadline got the exclusive of the multi-territory release in which LIONSGATE will hand the stateside distribution. It’s the directorial debut for Mickey Keating who also wrote the project. The film stars Leigh Whannell, Derek Phillips, Lisa Summerscales and Dean Cates. Synopsis The radio blares a 24-hour Halloween Weekend Fright Fest as Tom Moses drives deeper and … Continue reading

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