World Premiere of LIVE-IN FEAR This Sept

Burbank, CA (July 22, 2014) ­ Producers Brandon Scullion and Maria Olsen are proud to announce the world premiere of “Live-In Fear” at the United Film Festival on September 5, 2014. LIVE-IN FEAR stars Sarah Greyson, Arielle Brachfeld, David Lautman, and Chris Dorman and is Las Vegas native Brandon Scullion’s first feature film as a writer/director. Deeply rooted in mystery and shot on a budget of only $5,000 in Brian Head, UT, the film holds true to the DIY tradition of … Continue reading

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Interview: Maria Olsen


Every once in a while an actor or actress comes along that really captures the attention of moviegoers due to the immense talent that he or she possesses. Maria Olsen is one of those people as in addition to being a very talented actress there is just something about her that really makes her stand out from the crowd. She has been quite busy during her career and has a very impressive film resume as … Continue reading

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Trailer: Live-In Fear (2012)

Trailer: Live-In Fear (2012) In the snowy Utah mountains, an ancient being terrorizes four friends as they try to survive

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A New Reason to ‘Live-In Fear’ – Scary Trailer and 1st Poster Art Debut


New scary goods just arrived in the form of a new horror film ‘Live-In Fear’ – written and directed by Brandon Scullion. We’ve posted early art and trailer for you below. In the snowy Utah mountains, an ancient being terrorizes four friends as they try to survive. The film stars Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), Chris Dorman (8.13), Sarah Greyson (Road Rules) and David Lautman. The film was produced jointly by Iodine Sky … Continue reading

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‘Live in Fear’ Announces Casting


Brandon Scullion’s so-cool-it’s-frozen horror feature LIVE IN FEAR announces the casting of one of its pivotal supporting roles!! Maria Olsen, who is also co-producer of the film in the guise of her production liaison company, MOnsterworks66, has been cast as Sue, mother to leading-man Seth – played by David Lautman – and, as is usual for this well known indie horror actress, will most probably come to an extremely messy end. As is also usual … Continue reading

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