Film Review: The Rejuvenator (1988)


SYNOPSIS: A rich actress who has gotten too old for leading roles employs a scientist who is working on a formula for eternal youth. The formula involves withdrawing certain fluids from the human brain. She takes the serum, but its unforseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster REVIEW: The Rejuvenator is a mad scientist film about trying to find the metaphorical fountain of youth. Its title sounds a lot like The Reanimator, but … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Electric Chair (1985)


SYNOPSIS: Stand-up comic gets the shock of his life when somebody brings an electric chair on stage. REVIEW: Did you ever hear the one about the unfunny comic who walks into a bar and proceeds to ramble on for about an hour? This statement is “exactly” the journey you will take when you indulge the film “The Electric Chair”. This grainy black and white film with hints of aging yellow spots is quite unlike any … Continue reading

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