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Hellraiser: How can the series get back on track?


Hellraiser: Revelations, the ninth movie in the series inspired by Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart, has completed principal photography (in just 13 days of actual shooting time… yikes). A cut exists already, and the flick will hit DVD next year. Will it bring some fans back to a franchise that many have left for dead? Possibly. While the film was apparently rushed into production due to the impending end of the license on the … Continue reading

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Horror Fandom: Halloween Shenanigans


So yeah, here we are at the time of year where a bunch of people start turning their attention to all things macabre. Well, kind of anyway. Halloween can be fun, with uproarious parties, movie nights, dressing up and all that other good stuff that goes with it. Is is any different for the avid horror fan? A little. This is the time of year that stores are filled with things that ideally we’d like … Continue reading

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Resident Evil Movies – A Guilty Pleasure


With the recent debut of the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer, it’s time to look over the series thus far. The thing is, I find it hard to look at these films with a critic’s eye, as I can’t help but enjoying them for what they are big, daft action movies with a horror element. Yes, they do kinda walk all over the games universe they are based on, but not being a gamer myself, I … Continue reading

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Horror Fandom: I Could Do That Better

Come on, we’ve all thought that at some point or other. When sitting in front of some less-than-brilliant horror flick. It’s a natural reaction. We all think we can do better. Thankfully, there are those amongst us that are actually going that extra step further and getting out of their chairs and making something themselves. We’re in an age where movie lovers are able to shoot and edit their own movies to a pretty high … Continue reading

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Horror Fandom: Spreading The Disease


As fans of this bloodiest of genres, we are often looked at as a bit mad by other people, and┬á especially those that a close to us. It can be difficult to explain to others just what we find┬á so fascinating about the horror genre, and if friends come round for a movie night, it can be┬á even harder trying to figure out what to show them that won’t have them running and screaming┬á from … Continue reading

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HORROR FANDOM: Paying the past its due


One aspect of horror fandom that always brings a warm glow to my geeky heart is the fact that we are always able to appreciate the glories of the past as well as the latest releases. In some corners of movie fandom there is a horrible tendency to dismiss anything that could be classified as old school, while in horror circles, many older films are seen as something sacred. Those films may be significant due … Continue reading

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Scream 4’s huge ensemble cast continues to grow with the news that True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, are to make a cameo in the film. The story in USA TODAY states that the ladies will be appearing alongside the familiar faces of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. This is pretty cool news for the film, which finally seems to be gathering some steam in terms of excitement. Paquin … Continue reading

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Scream 4: screaming for more?


There seem to be some problems emerging with SCREAM 4/SCRE4M which are setting alarm bells┬á ringing with fans around the world. With creator Kevin Williamson either on or off the project┬á (depending what you read) and rewrites of the script having taken place, it’s easy to lose track┬á of what’s actually happening. The film is now shooting., and there seems to be some drama┬á unfolding surrounding the production- that much is certain. This is actually … Continue reading


Horror Fandom: A Life in Red

Being a horror fan here and now is a strange thing. We are still the outsiders of genre fans to a certain extent. While most genre fans will have a few horror films in their top ten/twenty lists (yeah, it’s okay, we’ve all got them), the dedicated horror fan will have hundreds of top titles, depending on any number of factors. The same can be said for science fiction and fantasy, martial arts films or … Continue reading

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Reality Scares Me

Do you know what happens when someone watches horror films for years on end? They turn into me. Hello, I am the product of a life spent watching gore and innards flying in all directions, and contrary to the beliefs of a great many people who would call me the spawn of the devil, or a serial killer in waiting, I am actually a (pretty) well rounded member of civilized society. Granted, I am probably … Continue reading

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´╗┐Horror Movies: The Next Step


What will be the next step in the evolution of the horror movie? There are any number of permutations of the horror genre available for movie lovers to indulge in right now, ranging from your average slasher to your full-blown gore epics, psychological thrillers to twitching torture p*rn. All of these things exist under the umbrella of horror, but the actual definitions of the term are always changing. As with any form of genre cinema, … Continue reading

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Are Remakes Killing Horror?

Another day, another news story about some beloved (or not so beloved) horror flick getting a modern makeover. It is a sad state of affairs that so much in the way of original horror gets ignored by major distributors, while ill-conceived remakes get full theatrical releases and a ton of press. As someone that loves many of the original versions of these flicks, I can’t help but feel more than a little bitter about the … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the HACK/SLASH movie?


Something there doesn’t seem to have been much progress with of late has been the movie adaptation of the Hack/Slash comic book series. Word that the film was going into development came way back in 2006 at SDCC from series creator Tim Seeley. The flick was supposed to be arriving in 2008, and yet there was no more real news until Variety announced in July 2009 that Fredrik Bond would be taking over the director’s … Continue reading


Interview: Author Sherry Roit – Paris Immortal


By Andrew Hawnt ┬áThe Paris Immortal novels by S. Roit are something different in the overpopulated vampire fiction genre, and the fourth book, ‘Paris Immortal: Atonement’ is out soon. So what does this series and its author offer vampire fans that the others don’t? That is open to debate, but I would say that things such as character and sexuality are explored to a greater extent (and handled differently) in her books than those of … Continue reading

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