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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 152


Each successive issue of The Dark Side is seeing the magazine go from strength to strength. The title is showing up in more retailers than ever in its history, and that’s a testament both to the hard work of editor Allan Bryce and the extremely high standard of the content. Continuing the magazine’s run of themed issues, issue 152 is largely all about revisiting the delights of 1960s science-fiction/horror hybrid movies and stars.

While not as powerful a theme as the now infamous (and utterly spectacular) issues on Hammer and Amicus, this latest edition is still both a pleasant trip down memory lane for some and a vibrant and enthusiastic education for others.

There’s a superb feature on Planet Pictures who made 60s treasures Island of Terror and Night of the Big Heat. Written by Dennis Meikle, the feature is a fascinating look at a studio that a lot of people won’t be familiar with, although they may have heard of or seen the films they made. Meticulously researched and written with a great deal of affection and information, Meikle more than amply demonstrates how to write an engrossing magazine feature.

Interviews include Linda Hayden (Blood on Satan’s Claw), Ian McCulloch (Zombie Flesh Eaters, etc), Rob Zombie, Fred Williamson (a superb piece with some wonderful reminiscences), the legendary John Waters and a certain gent by the name of Warwick Davies.

There’s also a quality feature on new zombie flick Zombie Massacre (although Uwe Boll’s involvement may put some people off) and the usual wealth of luxuriously written home cinema release reviews. The star of the show in the reviews this time round is definitely the in-depth look at Lionsgate’s new Blu-Ray of the 1958 Dracula, starring Christopher Lee in his most iconic role.

A rather more eclectic issue than other recent releases from the magazine, but still utterly essential reading for any horror fan who actually cares about the genre and its incredibly rich history, as well as its equally rich future.

Magazine Review: The Dark Side  – Issue 152

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