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Magazine Review: Dark Side Magazine – Issue 150

Editor: Allan Bryce
Ghoulish Publishing

The series of ‘Special’ issues that The Dark Side is currently going through, with each issue largely dedicated to one major subject, is paying dividends for both the reader and the magazine itself. This latest issue is an AMICUS special, and is every bit as in-depth as the previous specials (and works very well as a follow-up to their earlier Hammer special issue).

The main feature on Amicus, their films and their effect on genre cinema is written by Meikle and is utterly engrossing. The history of important studios is always an interesting thing for film lovers, and perhaps even moreso for lovers of horror and fantasy movies, as I do feel that genre cinema has a greater resonance with its audience than any other kind of film.

His 20 page (!!!) feature is a masterclass in how to write enthralling film history pieces, and is followed by a related piece on Robert Bloch’s contributions to horror cinema, including his Amicus work. After those mammoth pieces of superbly written commentary and historical wonder, we’re onto the regular sections of the magazine.

While the reviews section remains very well-written, knowledgeable and valuable, it’s odd coming out of the two previous features and into something in a much shorter form. Not really a complaint, just an observation. This passes when you move on from the reviews and into another fascinating and lengthy feature, this time on the phenomenon of horror anthology movies.

An interview with Amicus directing regular Kevin Connor and an irreverent look at Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS round out another fine issue from The Dark Side gang, which is stuffed with book-quality content. Essential.

Magazine Review: Dark Side Magazine – Issue 150

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