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Interview: Robert Rhine (Girls and Corpses Magazine)

Oh my brothers and little sisters, if ever necrophilia was so tempting, such would be the case for me here! Robert ‘Corpsey’ Rhine, Deaditor-In-Chief of Girls And Corpses Magazine, stopped by to give us a piece of his demented deviant mind and talk a bit about his life, work, and opinions about different matters. Hey maybe if Im lucky, I can get him to pop a ‘boner’ also…Ok bad joke, I know. So sit back, relax, and inhale the rotted fumes of one of the hottest guys in print!

Thank you so much For joining us today!

– Of corpse, I wouldn’t miss it and I love talking about myself and my accomplishments.

And it is my absolute pleasure to give you this venue! What is it like being the fabulous man that you happen to be? – By the way, flattery won’t get you in my coffin.

What if I sneak in anyway? haha

You are an accomplished author having contributed to a Bram Stoker Award winning book. Tell us a bit about it and your part in it.

Del Howison at Dark Delicacies Bookstore was compiling a book of horror writers for an anthology conveniently titled “Dark Delicacies:
Roiginal Tales of Terror and The Macabre.

” I was writing a lot of fiction for various magazines at the time and Del asked if I had anything to send him. So, I wrote a story titled,
“The Seer,” sent it over to him and was fortunate enough to be included with Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury , and some other famed
writers. The book won the Bram Stoker Award (the highest fiction award in horror). But with Barker and Bradbury you might say the deck
was stacked. I could try and convince myself that my story pushed it over the edge but…

I’ve read a bit and am sure it did. You are the owner and ‘Deaditor-In-Chief’ of Girls and Corpses Magazine. A lot of well known people have graced some of the issues like Sid Haig and Sherri Moon Zombie. What is it like working with such talents?

Stars and celebs are just hard working actors who have talent and ambition. Both Sid and Sherri were amazing to work with and we
had a great time on their shoots. They were also very brave to be the first guinea pigs and appear in a magazine that the title alone has caused some people to swoon. Rob Zombie stopped by his wife Sherri’s shoot and was very supportive of her. He seems like a really cool guy who is terrifically talented. Rob took a lot of sh*t for remaking “Halloween,” but I actually liked it. These are examples of cool celebs — but some are egocentric narcissistic a-holes.

I know how that is, one day if you will LET me into your coffin, we could exchange tales. But for now I will keep sneaking in. Returning from Lala Land… Take us through a typical day in your life?

I wake up around noon, take my meds, meditate in my cabbage patch, surf p*rn until 5:47 p.m. have a cup Campbells Soup with my featherless parrot “Spooky,” play some strip poker at the asylum, cruise the tranny bars until 2:00 a.m., have a warm cup of Ovaltine,
freebase, watch Friends reruns and go to sleep in my coffin. Really, I sleep in a mahogany coffin I brought at a funeral Home bankruptcy sale.

Really?! I think I may actually have to add you to the list of my future ex-husbands to be! Who have you worked with so far that you would consider the best to be around?

I’ve been lucky to work with some great talents. Now being talented doesn’t mean you aren’t insane or even nice. But the people
I liked to be around and also feel they are extremely talented are Jim Smith (Co-Creator of Ren & Stimpy) and all the great artists who worked on my graphic novel “Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell,” such as: Tim Vigil, John Cassaday, Frank Forte and others.

What inspired you to become an Horror author and then to begin your own mag?

– I truly enjoy writing fiction but it takes years to wait between books coming out and, honestly, book reading is on the decline. The magazine is a dream of mine because I grew up on MAD MAgazine and National Lampoon and even wrote for Cracked Magazine. But it was the fans that kept pushing us to go from an online magazine to a print magazine. Am I’m glad they did. Girls and Corpses Magazine now sells on newsstands and all over the world.

If you ever find any (haha), what do you do in your spare time? What’s spare time?

What’s spare time? Actually I’m an amateur embalmer. I am self taught but it comes it real handy when we are dealing with the corpses.

Are you currently working on any projects at the moment besides imbalming the fortunate?

Just the next issue of GIrls and Corpses Magazine. Our Winter issue Karate Corpse issue is a real deady. I like to focus all my energy to make the magazine as kick ass as I possibly can. But I also have some crazy product lines. Our yearly Girls and Corpses calendar and our crazy soap line which has been featured in Bizarre Magazine and Rue Morgue Magazine, called Prison Soap and Corpses Body Soap. You can check them out at our Corpse Mart here: www.girlsandcorpsesstore.com/

What’s next for you?

– I have no idea. I take Girls and Corpses Magazine one dead at a time. We’ll see where it leads me. I’ll shut the doors when I stop
having fun or run out of money. So, please if you are reading this, check out the magazine here: http://girlsandcorpses.com/ I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Any last words for me and our viewers?

Enjoy ever day like it’s your last and do what you want. I know that sounds overly simple but my business partner died this year after being
killed by a grizzly bear. No sh*t — you can read about it here: http://girlsandcorpses.com/print4/sm.html

You can be snuffed out at any moment. I think people are terrified to try to do what they want because they may fail, so they saddle
themselves with jobs that offer no stimulation or even have kids and get into difficult relationships to keep themselves from trying to
pursue their dreams and possibly failing. But I guess if everyone was following their dreams their would be nobody to work at Walmart. I
think the worst thing is to be on your death bed and think — I never did what I wanted. I mean sh*t — it’s your life, you get one shot folks, don’t f*ck it up!!!

Thank you so much for talking with us Robert and best of luck to ya!

Hey, I got a couple orders while I was writing this so things are looking up!

You can check out Robert Rhine at: www.robertrhine.com www.girlsandcorpses.com

Thanks hun! I look forward to working with you in the future! If there is anything I can do for ya, let me know…and I mean ANYTHING! :)

– How are your sucking skills? I’m a vampire!

Oh love, my sucking skills are unmatched! haha Thank you guys for joining Robert Rhine and I! Make sure you check out Girls and Corpses magazine and get your very own maggot covered vagina bar of soap! From all of us here at HorrorNews.net and especially me, your faithful evil minx.

Interview: Robert Rhine (Girls and Corpses Magazine)

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