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American Horror Story – Possibly A New Fan Favorite

The premiere of FX’s new horror themed show AMERICAN HORROR STORY happened tonight and I must say that I have a few words about it. It’s about time that a network grew the type of gonads that horror fans (who aren’t die hard zombie fans) have been screaming for on network television! AMERICAN HORROR STORY is about a family who moved into a mansion in LA that has quite a few skeletons in the closet. Well, not skeletons per se, more like blood thirty vicious VERY well designed ghosts who seem to love a little chaos with their new found living roommates.

I have to say that I was a bit intrigued when I first visited the website www.youregoingtodieinthere.com  that gives people a bit of history behind the house before the present tenants moved in. Its an interactive website that lets you click on areas of the home to discover clues as to the house’s history and get a feel for what is coming up. Tonight’s show literally caught my attention and held it better than any series that I have watched for quite some time.

The cast is phenomenal, might I add. Dylan McDermott plays Ben Harmon, the psychiatrist father/husband who is trying to save his relationship with his family after some pretty deep betrayal. I have always loved McDermott as an actor and am very excited to see his return to television in such a multidimensional role. Connie Britton plays Vivien Harmon, a wife/mother who is dealing with some very dark demons while trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She is also credited with being a producer on the series. Jessica Lange. Need I say more?! The respect that I have this woman for her craft is extremely difficult to put into words and I can tell you that she does NOT disappoint in her role as Constance, the somewhat meddling creepy neighbor who portrays herself somewhat as a southern belle but lets her dark side slowly show. Taissa Farmiga is a newcomer to the industry and plays Violet Harmon; the daughter of the Harmons who endearingly reminds me of myself at her age. She does a fantastic job in portraying the disturbed teenage girl who seems to be strong on the outside but finds that even the most hardened teenagers have a limit.

Frances Conroy, who you will all remember from her role on SIX FEET UNDER, plays the reality version of Moira (you have to watch the show to understand that last statement). As always, her grace and talent steal the scene as only Mrs. Conroy can do.
Jamie Brewer plays Jessica Lange’s daughter Adaline. The Down Syndrome neighbor who likes to drop in unannounced and inform people who dare enter the house of their upcoming grim fate. She is an absolutely fantastic addition to the cast and won me over immediately. Wonderful actress!

To tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this show would be an understatement. I watched it, watched the episode again when it automatically repeated, and made sure to Tivo it so I can watch it again tomorrow. I have been waiting for a television show to have a great cast, a strong story line, a fantastic special effects foundation, and be put together in a way as to keep my attention for more than just a few minutes. This show is the complete package. This is definitely a show that all fans of horror do not want to miss!

American Horror Story is on every Wednesday night at 7pm PST/ 10pm EST on the FX channel.
To find out more about the series, it’s cast and crew, and to hear what other people are saying about it, go to www.FXNteworks.com/shows/originals/ahs



  1. godFORBIDjelly

    slight typo in the article concerning the website related to American Horror Story. Link should read youregoingtodieinthere.com not youregonnadieinthere.com

    GOING not GONNA…
    Just a heads up for anyone trying to access the site.


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