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Film Review: Extremity (2018)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS A young woman obsessed with horror subjects herself to hours of grueling torment inside an extreme haunt in an attempt to confront her fears and conquer the tragic past that haunts her. REVIEW: In less experienced, less capable hands, a horror movie based around an extreme haunt has a high potential of crashing and burning. Picture …

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Film Review: Last Shift (2014)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A rookie cop’s 1st shift in the last night of a closing police station alone turns into a living nightmare. The plot echoes John Carpenter’s ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ but with supernatural twist. REVIEW: “All hail to the King of Hell” One of the great things about the horror genre is that while we may have …

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Film Review: The Tenant (2010)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A simple man, Dr. Walter Newman, has high aspirations to cure all disease through genetic manipulation. His obsession with his mission draws him deeper into his own dark world, distracting him from his wife Olivia and from his responsibilities to his patients at the Edgewood Asylum. The doctor’s loyal but diabolical nurse, Ms. Tinsley, decides to …

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