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Film Review: Beyond Hell (2019)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: After trying a new version of the drug Changa, Maryssa finds herself transported to a hell dimension where the demon, Belial, latches on to her. through Maryssa, Belial begins killing her friends one by one in horrific hallucinations. REVIEW: When a group of 20-something-year-old teens take a drug stolen from an Amazonian tribe, they get a …

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Horror Releases – Beyond Hell + Bring Me A Dream (Dec. + Jan.)

From director and writer Alan Murray (Exposed, Burdens We Bare), Beyond Hell arrives On Demand on December 15 and on DVD on January 12. The horrifying tale follows Maryssa (Kearsten Johansson, Samantha) after a drug-induced experience transports her to a dimension in hell, where a demon latches onto her and begins killing her friends, one-by-one. Arriving On Demand on January 19, Bring …

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