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Welcome To The Cult Movie Museum New Series from Bill Burke

Horror novelist and Horrornews.net contributor William Burke has launched his new YouTube series, THE CULT MOVIE MUSEUM, offering fans a quick dive into a world of unique, amazing, but often forgotten films.

“I wanted to create a guide for fans of eclectic films that was concise, useful and entertaining. Most of the shows I’ve seen on the YouTube platform are either too long, too sarcastic or just plain mean spirited. Plus, a thirty-minute review of a seventy-minute film is pure self-indulgence. I keep the episodes to around six minutes, so the viewer gets the information they need, while being entertained. Then they can track down the films and make their own choices.”

While THE CULT MOVIE MUSEUM features celebrated films like The Beyond and The Abominable Dr. Phibes, it also spotlights forgotten gems like Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural and The Flesh Eaters.

Research is one of Burke’s favorite aspects of the show. “I love digging up and sharing fascinating facts about these obscure films. Most horror fans don’t know that The Flesh Eaters was written by Arnold Drake, who created the original Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Comics as well as DC’s The Doom Patrol. I mean the guy’s comic book royalty!”

Every week THE CULT MOVIE MUSEUM spotlights two films that have some, if occasionally tenuous, connection.

“Basket Case and Shock Waves are two personal favorites. The connection is that both films had miniscule budgets, forcing them to shoot on 16mm film, as opposed to 35mm. Them and It! The Terror From Beyond Space both hugely influenced the blockbusters Aliens and Alien. She Demons and The Flesh Eaters both featured evil Nazi scientists with private tropical islands, yet took completely different approaches. 1932’s classic The Most Dangerous Game and 1987’s Science fiction, T&A opus Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity are virtually the same movie! It’s a blast discovering these obscure connections.”


THE CULT MOVIE MUSEUM will post a new episode weekly on YouTube.

According to Burke, “It’s created by a horror and cult film lover for like-minded viewers. My goal is to foster a community feel, allowing viewers to contribute their suggestions for future episodes, and their thoughts about the films we’ve featured. I’m really looking forward to their feedback.”

Burke’s YouTube channel also features book reviews, mini documentaries, bizarre factoids and other personal obsessions. You won’t be bored.


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