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Rena Riffel play Ruth in Cursed Waters from Mahal Empire

Rena Riffel is the newest cast member announced for the upcoming Mahal Empire film, “Cursed Waters“. Rena plays Ruth and joins an outstanding cast that includes Greg Tally as Lt. Commander Jacob Bridger, Glenn Plummer as Captain Bure, Alexander Hauck as Benjamin Norton, Wesley Cannon as Kilgore, and Denny Nolan as The Magistrate, among others.

Cursed Waters – After their ship is sunk in a naval battle, a group of pirates flee to a nearby island. However, the island is more than it seems. As they try to evade capture by the navy they soon find that the island is inhabited by a terrifying cult. What other secrets does this island hold? Can the pirates survive? Can they escape?

Rena was raised in the Central Coast of California. Rena competed in gymkhana and rodeo events and was crowned Princess Of The Mid-State Fair. There she was photographed with her horse and her picture took first place in a photo contest. This launched Rena’s modeling career. She began doing local commercials, modeling, and competing in modeling and dance competitions. At 11 years old, she danced in a production of “The King And I” in the Uncle Tom’s Cabin act. Being born in Playa Del Rey, Rena was scouted by a modeling agency at the age of one. Rena was very advanced and was able to say lines and dance at 9 months old.

Cursed Waters will kind of be a Showgirls reunion for Rena, who played Penny and her co-star Glenn Plummer. Rena also starred and directed Showgirls 2: Penny’s from Heaven with Glenn Plummer.

Rena Riffel’s fabulous career includes breathtaking roles in Striptease, Married with Children, Candyman: Day of the Dead, Mulholland Drive, and the Emmanuelle Through Time franchise.


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